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Introducing JBoss Seam
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3.6 iBATIS configuration continued
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string s1 = "abcd";
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Starting up the project gives us the same form UI from version 1, but now the Next button has been rewired to save the data and replace the form UI with a couple of charts. The result should look like figure 7.13. Depending on how powerful your computer is, the flip between form and charts may not be instantaneous. I ran the code on an old laptop, and there was a slight (0.5s to 1s) delay before the charts appeared. A brief investigation revealed the delay emanated from building the chart UI. (Perhaps a simple processing animation is needed, giving an instance response to a Next button click )
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On the server side, the Ajax Control Toolkit defines two base classes: ExtenderControlBase and ScriptControlBase. The ExtenderControlBase class derives from the ExtenderControl class and is used to create extenders. The ScriptControlBase class inherits from the ScriptControl class and is used to create script controls. Figure 10.5 shows the base classes defined in the Toolkit API. All the classes defined by the API are contained in the AjaxControlToolkit namespace.
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Cyclomatic complexity: source code viscosity
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/TK PdfGState.setTextKnockout (true | false)
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<class name="User" table="USER"> <id name="id" column="USER_ID" unsaved-value="null"> <generator class="native"/> </id> <version name="version" column="VERSION"/> <property name="username" column="USERNAME"
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Many-valued entity associations
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Viewing the main menu
If this was all you were going to do, you wouldn t actually implement ReadAllBytes yourself; you d use the one in the framework! This is just by way of an example. We re going to make more interesting use of streams shortly.
Our concrete instance of the generated AIDL Java interface must return an IBinder to any caller that binds to this Service. We create an implementation by extending the Stub class that the aidl tool generated B. Recall that this Stub class implements the AIDL interface and extends Binder. After we ve defined our IBinder, we can create and return it from the onBind method C. Within the stub itself, we write whatever code is necessary to provide the features advertised by our interface. You can access any other classes within your application. In this example, our service has extended WeatherAlertService so we can more easily access the weather functions we ve already written, like the loadRecord method. You ll need to define this new WeatherReporterService in your application s manifest, in the same way you define any other service. If you want to bind to the service only from within your own application, no other steps are necessary. But if you want to allow binding from another application, you must provide some extra information within AndroidManifest.xml, as shown in the following listing.
2.4.3 Running Ant
Ant is not at all ashamed to be bi-slashual, and is actually quite proud of it!
entirely on your own. If you re planning to draw a lot of shapes in your Canvas program, you ll probably want to write your own shape functions. Because Canvas does all of its work through JavaScript, this is easy to do, as shown in listing 6.4.
Broadcast notification to OrderStatus subscribers
We ve mentioned the term short a couple of times. This begs the question: how long is too long Unfortunately, no clear-cut answer exists, but table 7.2 offers a few guidelines. The ideal size of your primary key depends on several factors, including the amount of data you anticipate putting into the table and the particulars of your database vendor. In general, 4 bytes (or 32 bits) is a good starting place. A 32-bit primary key provides room for a considerable number of records but is short enough to allow for fast comparisons in most database architectures. In fact, going below 32 bits is often not that helpful. Most CPUs these days are designed with 32-bit registers, meaning that many CPU instructions will take the same amount of time to process 10-bit values as it would take to process 32-bit values. Of course, this processing time also depends quite a bit on the database, the hardware, and the operating system you are using. Bear in mind that the Java long type is a 64-bit type, so 32 bits is not sufficient if you plan on using a long in Java.
case Employee.EmployeeComparer.ComparisonType.EmpID: return this.empID.CompareTo(rhs.empID); case Employee.EmployeeComparer.ComparisonType. YearsOfService: return this.yearsOfSvc.CompareTo(rhs.yearsOfSvc); } return 0; }
Don t reinvent the wheel
private void btnCancel_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { Application.Exit( ); } } }
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