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Throughout the chapters in the next two parts, we investigate the major aspects of J2ME programming through a tutorial application. Why a tutorial application We find that most people learn by doing. That is why each API introduced in these parts is reinforced with a piece of a working application to demonstrate what the API has to offer. In particular, we will explore the J2ME application user interface, event handling, data storage, networking, and input/output. As was discussed in the last chapter on architecture, J2ME has several configurations and profiles to address the particular needs of different horizontal and vertical platform and market segments. In other words, J2ME comes in several flavors depending on your platform and application needs. In an attempt to give you a real flavor sampling of J2ME, we examine each of the major application aspects in a couple of devices. We hope that this will not only allow you to learn the J2ME APIs but also provide you with some basis of comparing and contrasting the different features and methods of handling needs across the various environments that make up J2ME. This will not be an exhaustive look at the APIs in any of these areas. Our goal is to cover the basics so that you have the foundational knowledge from which to build your own applications. 39
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<arg path="${env.ProgramFiles};../bin" />
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11.1 Example: a banking system with persistence
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The JavaFX SDK comes with a neat little utility to help deploy our JavaFX programs. It can be used to package up our applications for all manner of different environments. For our project we want to use it to target the desktop platform and make the resulting program capable of running as an applet.
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<target name="dist" depends="compile" description="make the distribution" > <jar destfile="${jarfile.path}" index="true"> <fileset dir="${build.dir}/classes"/> </jar> </target>
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private Integer departmentNr; public UserId(String username, Integer departmentNr) { this.username = username; this.departmentNr = departmentNr; } // Getters... public int hashCode() { int result; result = username.hashCode(); result = 29 * result + departmentNr.hashCode(); return result; } public boolean equals(Object other) { if (other==null) return false; if ( !(other instanceof UserId) ) return false; UserId that = (UserId) other; return this.username.equals(that.username) && this.departmentNr.equals(that.departmentNr); } }
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Subqueries are an advanced technique; you should question frequent use of subqueries because queries with subqueries can often be rewritten using only joins and aggregation. However, they re powerful and useful from time to time.
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The preceding code will create 10 new shirts and add each new shirt to a list of objects that are to be tracked; it does this by calling the AddObject method on the shirtContext object. Following the Unit of Work pattern, the context object won t send any changes to the Table service until the SaveChanges method is called. It will then iterate through the list of tracked objects and insert them into the Products table. By default, the SaveChanges call will insert the entities into the table one by one rather than batching the inserts into a single call. Figure 12.2 shows the HTTP traffic for the preceding call, captured by using Wireshark (a packet-sniffing tool). As you can see from figure 12.2, to insert 10 shirts, the application must perform 10 HTTP POST requests to the Table service. This method can cause performance problems if you re inserting a large number of entities and your application is outside of Windows Azure or your web or worker role isn t affinitized to the same data center as your storage account. Due to latency, inserting 10 shirts using the preceding code took 4 seconds between our local machine and the live Table service. When running the same code as a web role in the Windows Azure data center, it took milliseconds.
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Create an order value object OrderRequest orderRequest = new OrderRequest(orderId, productId, quantity, price);
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Design patterns and idioms
The initial query retrieves only Category primary key values. You then iterate through the result; Hibernate looks up each Category object in the current persistence context and, if enabled, in the second-level cache. If a cache miss occurs,
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