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Understanding database transactions
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Notice that the Write( ) method takes an instance of class object as a parameter, even though the method never uses it. Perhaps your specific implementation would do something with an object, but it doesn t have to. Exactly how your Document class fulfills the requirements of the interface is entirely up to you. Although IStorable dictates that Document must have a Status property, it does not know or care whether Document stores the actual status as a member variable or looks it up in a database. Example 13-1 implements the Status property with an automatic property (introduced in 8). Another class that implements IStorable could provide the Status property in an entirely different manner (such as by looking it up in a database).
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We ll come back to class associations and lifecycle rules when we discuss more advanced mappings later in the book. However, object identity is a subject you have to understand at this point.
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Figure out the design of each table in your database. Create a file for the initial data of each table (if any) that has data cells separated by pipes (|) and data rows separated by returns. Start SQLite with this command: sqlite3 filename Use a CREATE TABLE command to create each table. Use this command to fill each table: .import table filename Quit SQLite. Inside Xcode, use the Add > Existing Files menu option to add your database to your project.
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<ehcache> <diskStore path=""/> <defaultCache maxElementsInMemory="10" eternal="false" timeToIdleSeconds="120" timeToLiveSeconds="120" overflowToDisk="true"/> <cache name="com.manning.hq.ch03.Event" maxElementsInMemory="20" eternal="false" timeToIdleSeconds="120" timeToLiveSeconds="180" overflowToDisk="true"/> </ehcache>
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Introduction to Ajax-enabled controls
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Some developers still view persistent objects simply as a means to get data in and out of the database and write procedural business logic. They develop what Fowler calls an anemic domain model .... Just as anemic blood lacks vitality, anemic object models only superficially model the problem and consist of classes that implement little or no behavior.
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The dragDataType attribute must be set to HTML to make the list automatically rearrange its items when a widget is dropped over the list s area. The acceptedDataType attribute lets you specify a comma-separated list of accepted data types. Each data type is a string enclosed in single quotes. The dragDataType is set to HTML, so the acceptedDataTypes attribute contains at least the HTML data type. The dragMode attribute is set to Move. Copy mode has no effect on the DragDropList behavior. The direction attribute is set to Vertical to specify that the list has a vertical orientation.
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Reducing the clutter of unimplemented bean methods
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A pivotal antipattern: Conversational Baggage
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5.1 Understanding database transactions
This leaves the pixels on the inside of the O. Of course, we could simply increase the fuzziness of the matching algorithm before calling Transparent(). In this particular case that would probably work well, but it is not a universally workable solution. If we could fill the inner ellipse with a fully transparent color, there would be no artifacts; but unfortunately, setting the fill color to none or another color with full transparency (such as #000000ff ) doesn t help, and the transparency will be silently ignored.2 There is one other solution that combines images, and that is to create a transparency mask for the secondary image:
C:\hello\world C:\hello\world C:\hello\world hello\world c\hello\world.exe \\mybox\hello\world C:\hello
Then Method2( ) throws an exception and execution halts. The runtime looks for a handler in Method2( ), but there isn t one. Then the stack begins to unwind, and the runtime looks for a handler in the calling function: Method1( ). There is a catch block in Method1( ), so its code is executed. Execution then resumes immediately following the catch statement, printing the exit statement for Method1( ) and then for Main( ). Notice that even though the exception is handled, you are now in Method1, and there is no automatic way to return to where you were in Method2. If you re not entirely sure why the Exiting try block statement and the Exiting Method2 statement are not printed, try putting the code into a debugger and then stepping through it.
Timer timer }
Review our discussion of table per concrete class with union in chapter 5, section 5.1.2, Table per concrete class with unions. Pay extra attention to the polymorphic query Hibernate executes when retrieving instances of BillingDetails. Now, consider the following collection of BillingDetails mapped for User:
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