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All the methods defined in the Timer interface declare two exceptions:
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Understand the application s usage patterns Users generally expect different levels of service, depending on the feature of the application they are using at the time. Users expect some use cases to respond rapidly and understand when others are slower. A web user, for example, expects to navigate a product catalog quickly. Yet, when an online order is placed, the same user will accept a delayed order confirmation via email. Understanding patterns in user behavior, and the data and resources required to support that behavior, provides invaluable input into the performance planning process. Prioritize performance requirements To maximize your time and dollars, you should satisfy the performance requirement with the highest business value first. For example, optimizing a product catalog for maximum responsiveness when browsed under load is arguably a better investment than optimizing your email server for faster order confirmation. Once the top performance requirement has been demonstrated successfully, you can work on the next highest priority requirement. Rinse and repeat. Write automated performance tests Performance tests that unambiguously define and validate the performance requirements of your application are essential in helping you meet desired performance goals. Without a target, you ll never know when you ve hit the mark. Good performance tests express objective exit criteria in an executable format. In other words, running these tests will help you decide if tuning is necessary, and, if so, when tuning should stop. Tests also prevent tendencies to overoptimize based on speculation or commit too early to designs and infrastructure that seem to promise improved performance. Build modular components Components that hide their implementation insulate the rest of the application from changes made to improve
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<Customer> <FirstName>Orlando</FirstName> <LastName>Gee</LastName> <EmailAddress>orlando0@hotmail.com</EmailAddress> </Customer>
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Loading data asynchronously using XML technologies
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11.7 Summary
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XML Parser SAX Event
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If you copy that path and browse to it using Windows Explorer, you ll see something like the folder in Figure 11-13. There s the Settings directory that we created! As you might expect, if you were to look inside, you d see the standardsettings.txt file our program created.
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The happy couple: Visual Studio and M SBuild
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public class BidTO implements Serializable { private Timestamp bidDate; Instance fields private Long bidId; private Double bidPrice; private String bidStatus; private ItemTO item; private UserTO bidder; public BidTO() { }
Dealing with bad dependencies is another tricky area. It s almost impossible to resolve all dependencies so that everything builds cleanly. The problem is that sometimes dependencies build correctly, and other times the build fails. Even worse, you may not know exactly why the build failed. Things may build correctly when you run the build serially but fail on a parallel build. Or the build may not fail every time, only when race conditions are just right. A race condition exists when the output of one process is dependent on other processes completing in a specific sequence, but they run in parallel, thus completing in an unexpected order. How do you deal with this issue First, you can run parallel builds often. The more you run them, the more often the race conditions are likely to show up. This will alert you to where the errors are so you can fix them. Second, whenever possible, add the missing dependency. Make sure it exists. Maybe you can serialize that part of the build process and run the rest in parallel. Finally, you can centralize build rules. Doing so helps eliminate mistakes. Don t copy the same build code into multiple build files for the same project; this increases the chances that one build script will be changed and another won t. In other words, follow the same rule for your build scripts that you would for source code: don t copy and paste code into multiple files. Put things in one place and one place only. We ve covered a lot of ground discussing ways to speed up your build. We ve talked about things as simple as adding more hardware and as varied as the seven deadly sins of slow builds. But you may have to deal with other issues as your CI process grows. Next, let s scale.
R class 29, 89 R.java 29, 44 file 300 serves as a bridge 64 updating 46 raw contact data, storing 392 raw resources 96 read-only interface, AppWidget 455 Receiver 216 receiver 111, 456 tag 25 RecordHit, inserts record into SQLite DB 355 records 389 fixed-length 388 open-ended 389 choosing 388 RefreshJobs 317 regression testing 540 relational database, built-in 144 RelativeLayout 85, 94 remote device, connecting 372 RemoteViews, working with 473 remoting 121 removeProximityAlert 277 Representational State Transfer. See REST requestLocationUpdates 281 use time parameter carefully 281 Research in Motion 7 Resources 139 raw resources 138 XML resources 139 resources 89 98 referencing in Java 89 types 89 ResponseHandler 172, 175 REST 160, 184 methods 181 uses URL-style approach 178 return, replace with exit call 349 ReviewAdapter, extends ReviewAdapter 83 RFCOMM 369 cable replacement profile 369
collapseattributes file keeproot prefix validate Flag to treat attributes as nested elements; optional, default false. [Boolean] The XML file to parse; required. [File] Flag to include the XML root tag as a first value in the property name; optional, default is true. [Boolean] The prefix to prepend to each property. [String] Flag to validate the XML file; optional, default false. [Boolean]
Advanced entity association mappings
Every subclass has its own <subclass> element. Properties of a subclass are mapped to columns in the BILLING_DETAILS table. Remember that not-null constraints aren t allowed, because a CreditCard instance won t have a bankSwift property and the BANK_ACCOUNT_BANK_SWIFT field must be null for that row. The <subclass> element can in turn contain other <subclass> elements, until the whole hierarchy is mapped to the table. A <subclass> element can t contain a <joined-subclass> element. (The <joined-subclass> element is used in the specification of the third mapping option: one table per subclass. This option is discussed in the next section.) The mapping strategy can t be switched anymore at this point. Hibernate would use the following SQL when querying the BillingDetails class:
static Dictionary <Levels, List<Handler>> handlersAtLevel = new Dictionary <Levels, List<Handler>> { {Levels.Manager, new List <Handler>( )}, {Levels.Supervisor, new List <Handler>( )}, {Levels.Clerk, new List <Handler>( )}}; class Structure { public int Limit {get; set;} public int Positions {get; set;} } void RunTheOrganization ( ) { Console.WriteLine("Trusty Bank opens with"); foreach (Levels level in Enum.GetValues(typeof(Levels))) { for (int i=0; i<structure[level].Positions; i++) { handlersAtLevel[level].Add(new Handler(i, level));
using System; using System.Threading; class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { Thread t1 = new Thread(Go); Thread t2 = new Thread(Go);
Attribute name
One of the issues with splitting data across multiple servers is keeping referential integrity. In the shopping cart example, the data that the shopping cart is referencing is either static (size types, materials, or personage types) or infrequently changing (and administratively controlled), so referential integrity isn t such a big deal. You re ultimately controlling the data, so you can break foreign-key relationships and store the various tables on separate servers. If you do need to maintain referential integrity, you could keep a copy of the static data on each instance of the database. Although there is data duplication, there s such a small amount of data that you can easily fix the problem by synchronizing the databases. In this case, you d generally keep one master database allowing one-way synchronization. In the shopping cart example, because there s no need to query across multiple tables (beyond the cache), you can safely break referential integrity.
Scroll back up within the Toolbox to the Standard controls and drag another Label control into the UpdatePanel. Be sure this control is inside the UpdatePanel or this example won t work. Make sure the new label is selected, and update its properties. Change its ID to lblPartialUpdate and set its Width property to 200px.
The message indicates a few things. First, you can see the name of the test class and method that failed. Second, often you may have more than one assert in a test method, so the assert description you put in your assert method ("Should be before") is also displayed. Finally, a portion of the stack trace, with the exact line of code that threw the exception (27) is displayed, so that you can easily debug the method. Note that for the exact line number to appear, you must compile with debug mode on, which we ll look at in the next section. Both assertion labels and exact line numbers in the exception will help to rapidly determine that your method is broken, as well as where it is broken, so that it can be fixed just as quickly. Having written a basic unit test, let s look at how to install a JUnit, set it up in your build file, and run your unit test. Also, we ll discuss a few tips on how to organize the unit tests for best results.
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