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ant -Dclass.name=PersonSearch
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Table 28 in ISO-32000-1 lists the possible entries in the catalog dictionary. Some of these entries should already look familiar because we ve discussed them before:
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ModificationSet The heart of CruiseControl s capabilities is the modification set. The modificationset target in our build file executes the CruiseControl-provided Ant task <modificationset>. Nested within <modificationset> are nested elements providing your specific repository information. The <modificationset> task queries the repository for modifications since the last build, using the log command internally, for example, for a CVS repository. CruiseControl provides a lastBuildAttemptTime property that you must provide to <modificationset>. If no changes are found in the repository since that last build attempt, the <modificationset> task fails, which, in turn, causes the build to fail. This failure is a normal and routine condition only noticeable when watching the runner application console output. The <modificationset> task collects information in an XML file. If changes are detected since the last build attempt, the build continues. After a build has completed, successfully or otherwise, the XML-generated build log file, modification set results, and any other XML files specified in the CruiseControl configuration that are generated by your build, are collected into a single log XML file.
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Ant JUnit task result formatter types.
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Public Class BarcodeItemRect ' ----- Includes a basic rectangle element in a ' bar code label. Inherits BarcodeItemGeneric
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public Contact getById(String id) { DirContext ctx = getInitialContext(); Attributes attributes; try { attributes = ctx.getAttributes(getDn(id)); } catch (NamingException e) { throw new DaoException(e); } return getContact(attributes); }
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Session session = sessionFactory.openSession(); Transaction tx = session.beginTransaction(); Item i = (Item) session.get(Item.class, 123); String description = (String) session.createQuery("select i.description from Item i" + " where i.id = :itemid") .setParameter("itemid", i.getId() ) .uniqueResult(); tx.commit(); session.close();
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Connection to JAXM provider
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abstract classes 104 accessor methods adding logic to 73 class attribute access with 383 command pattern 318 POJO 68 public visibility 359 syntax 319 validation and 73 ACID properties 322 action servlets, writing 298 aggregate functions 272 aggregations 93, 272, 380 aliases 251, 262 AndroMDA 349 ANSI SQL joins 380 standards 162 Ant task 356, 363 364, 375 APIs (application programming interfaces) Auditable 341 BusinessException 310 CompositeUserType 206 Configuration 39 Criteria. See Criteria APIs FetchMode 260 261 FlushMode 160 IdentifierGenerator 41 Interceptor 158, 343 347 Lifecycle 40 LockMode 166 MatchMode 255 persistence manager 126 PropertyAccessor 80 Query. See Query APIs Session. See Session API SessionFactory. See SessionFactory API Transaction 39, 158 160 Type 40 UserType 203 205, 337 338 Validatable 40 application transactions avoiding reassociations with new sessions 325 choosing implementation approach 329 defined 168, 322 demarcating beginning of 327 description 156 ensuring clean Hibernate sessions 327 flushing changes to the database 328 granularity of 172 handling concurrent 168 Hibernate session closing 326 implementing the hard way 322 323 use case 321 using detached objects 324 using long sessions 325 326 ways to implement in Hibernate applications 320 applications architecture 296 cache systems and legacy 178 client/server 41 content managementtype 178 enterprise 120 financial 178 functionality requirements 155 increasing response time of 311 layered, design of 295 320 legacy 250 nonexclusive access scenarios 178 persistence layers, interaction with 115 persistent state 115 scalability 161 servlet-based 311 web 120 association classes 225 association tables 149, 226, 366 association-level cascade style 133 associations bidirectional 108 defined 220 ensuring full initialization 300 fetching 260 261 foreign key 221 222 joining 258 261 lazy fetching 301, 386 link tables 14 management of 105 many-to-many 13, 71, 225 231, 366 367 many-to-one 13, 107, 234 235
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Transactions and concurrency
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NSURL *myURL = [NSURL URLWithString:@"http://www.example.com"]; NSMutableURLRequest *myRequest = [NSMutableURLRequest requestWithURL:myURL]; [myRequest setValue:@"text/xml" forHTTPHeaderField:@"Content-type"]; [myRequest setHTTPMethod:@"POST"]; [myRequest setHTTPBody:myData]; NSURLResponse *response; NSError *error; NSData *myReturn = [NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest:myRequest returningResponse:&response error:&error];
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explicitly that you re mapping a basic property, because it can usually figure out how to map it to JDBC using the property s type:
You instantiate the AlarmManager indirectly (as you do the NotificationManager), by using Context.getSystemService(Context.ALARM_SERVICE). Setting alarms is easy, like most things in Android. In the next example, you ll create a simple application that sets an Alarm when a button is pressed. When the Alarm is triggered, it will pass back a simple Toast to inform us that the Alarm has been fired.
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As we saw with result mapping, primitive values can only be used if they are wrapped in another object (this assumes that you are not using Java 5, in which case you can pass in primitive parameters anywhere you want to because of the autoboxing feature). If you want to pass a primitive value into iBATIS, you can do it by using a bean (see section 4.3.2) or by using one of the primitive wrapper classes (i.e., Integer, Long, etc.).
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