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JAX-RPC provides a client-side programming model that allows you to access web services on other platforms from your EJBs. In other words, by using JAX-RPC, EJBs can access web services across the network hosted on both Java and non-Java platforms
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We declare all global variables we will need in the program. The width and height of the image operated on are stored in $width and $height. The matrix that makes up the convolution kernel will be stored in the array @kernel, and the command-line parameter --kernel-file, can be used to tell the program where to find it. The variable $preserve_matte controls whether the alpha channel of the original image will be copied, and can be set with the command-line option of --preserve-matte. The variables $divider and $bias merit more explanation. In most cases you will want the output image to be, on average, as light or dark as the input image. To achieve this you should normalize the convolution kernel, i.e., the sum of the cells of the matrix should be exactly 1. In practice it is a lot easier to just write a matrix, and let the program worry about normalization. The variable $divider will contain the sum of the matrix cells, and will be used to normalize the output. For even greater flexibility, you can override this with a command-line option --divider. The bias is simply a number that gets added to the output after the convolution kernel has been applied. This allows you to make the image as a whole lighter or darker.
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Making use of third-party contributions
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Table 6-7. Visual Basic non-assignment operators (continued) Operator
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Figure 24.1 This message doesn t tell us much about what s wrong. An action couldn t be found on the controller, but which one
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--Assign return row DatabaseRecord(ITEMS.OPT_LOCK => 2) ... Connection ( ... )
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Querying objects with HQL
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Security and Ajax
Enter Main... Open file here. DivideByZeroException caught! Close file here. Exit Main...
14.4.4 build
Builder Pattern |
10: Putting It All Together
XMLHttpRequest Object
There are some situations where view state is not the best place to store data. If you need to store a large amount of data, view state is not an efficient mechanism because the data is transferred back and forth to the server with every page post. If you have security concerns about the data, and the data is not being displayed on the page, then including it in view state increases the security exposure. Finally, view state is optimized only for strings, integers, Booleans, arrays, ArrayLists, and hashtables. Other .NET types may be saved in view state but will result in degraded performance and a larger view state footprint. In some of these instances, session state might be a better alternative; on the other hand, view state does not consume any server resources and does not time out as session state does. To see view state in action, Create a new web site called ViewState. It does not need to be AJAX-enabled. This web site will have a TextBox, a Label, and a GridView control. It will also have a Button control to force a postback to the server. In order to better demonstrate view state, you will not use a DataSource control to populate the GridView; rather, we ll use ADO.NET code in the code-behind to gather the data the first time the page loads (don t worry, we ll show you what to do). The finished Design view of the page will look similar to Figure 7-6.
Alternative entity representation
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