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Attach qr-codes in visual basic Figure 21-8. Adding page headers and footers

Java RMI made its debut very early in Java s history. (also known Java Remote Method Protocol (JRMP)). It became clear that, as a platform that touts the distributed computing mantra The network is the computer, Java must provide a simple and robust mechanism for communication across JVM instances. Ideally, method calls on an object running in one JVM should be executed transparently in another remote JVM. With the help of a small amount of boilerplate setup code combined with a few code-generation tools, RMI delivers on this promise. To invoke an object method remotely using RMI, you must
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Use relative numbers (e.g., 50%) to define column widths, not absolute numbers (e.g., 750). Reduce the size of any pictures that may be forcing your column to stay wide. For example, if you re running forums and you allow users to post pictures to those forums, you may need to limit the width of pictures that users can post or alternatively to resize them on the fly. Allow large pictures to flow into nearby columns. If you re using tables, you might do this using a colspan attribute. For example, you might have a page where a 728x90 banner ad sits above the top of your content. For a desktop page, this arrangement probably works fine, but if you re using a smaller viewport for iPhones, you ll need that banner ad to flow into the next column, even if that s off the page on your iPhone display. If you need to flow off the page, in addition to setting the colspan attribute for the ad column you ll need to set the viewport s initial-scale property to something less than 1.0, which will keep the right-hand side of the ad from showing up on your iPhone screen.
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Even Hello World web applications The fabric often require multiple instances as the result of the levels of traffic they Storage services receive. To understand all that s involved in multiple instances, you first need to understand the WinWeb Fabric Worker role controller role dows Azure logical infrastructure and how it makes it so easy to deploy and run applications in the Load balancer cloud. As you can see in figure 1.11, the web role is just one piece of the Figure 1.11 The Windows Azure compute infrastructure overall infrastructure. involves several components. They all work together to Over the next couple of sec- run your application. tions, we ll look at how the other components worker roles, the fabric and the Fabric Controller, and the storage services fit together. First, let s take a closer look at the load balancer (the component at the bottom of figure 1.11).
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The markup for this page is shown in Example 10-14 and the code-behind is in Example 10-15. Running the site and navigating through the entire purchase process brings you to the confirmation page shown in Figure 10-13.
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Listing 4.6 Game.fx (version 3)
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FullTextQuery methods
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Developing for PDAs
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@Stateless public class PlaceBidBean implements PlaceBid { @EJB private BidEAO bidEAO; public Long addBid(String userId, Long itemId, Double bidPrice) throws BidException { ... Bid bid = bidEAO.addBid(item, userId, bidPrice); return bid.getBidId(); } }
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Script descriptors and script references are the objects you need to build Ajaxenabled controls. Now that you have a foundation, let s examine how ASP.NET server controls can take advantage of these objects to become Ajax-enabled controls.
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If the build file has been typed in correctly, then you should see the following response:
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Accounting for filters in tests
The difference becomes apparent when a user or master build wants to override build.dir. In the first example, only build.dir is relocated to the overridden directory, but build.classes will remain under the base directory. In the second example, overriding build.dir has the desired effect of moving all child directories too. 42. Achieve conditional logic with <property>. New users to Ant often overlook this technique when searching for ways to achieve conditional logic.
Working with iBATIS.NET
An exception is thrown if the request isn t accompanied by a special token.
Client A writes Record 99 Animal =Pig
5.3 The beauty of AspectJ-based logging
The range syntax can be useful in many circumstances, but it s not the only trick JavaFX Script has up its sleeve. For situations that demand more control, we can also take a slice from an existing sequence to create a new one, as listing 2.23 shows.
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