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$im->Contrast(sharpen => boolean)
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And to build a JavaScript Object, we use curly braces, with each value written as a key:value pair:
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The next two sections will guide you through the configuration of the slave and master nodes. We ve chosen to show the configuration using JBoss Application Server (AS) 5, but most of the process is fairly standard Java EE configuration. Refer to your application server or JMS provider for more information. Figure 10.4 describes the network topology we ll use in this configuration example. We ll now walk through the configuration of a slave node. The first step is to enable the JMS backend in the slave configuration.
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Multiple instances of the web role in the development fabric
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The methods in bold are our service methods: one for end users, the search method that always returns the same empty string array, and the other a management call to see what is going on. A real system should split the management API into a separate endpoint, so that access could be restricted, but we aren t going to worry about that here. To compile this code in Java, we have a short build file; it is so short, we include it in its entirety as listing 15.1
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Named queries are global that is, the name of a query is considered to be a unique identifier for a particular SessionFactory or persistence unit. How and where they re defined, in XML mapping files or annotations, is no concern of your application code. Even the query language doesn t matter. Defining a named query in XML metadata You can place a named query inside any <hibernate-mapping> element in your XML metadata. In larger applications, we recommend isolating and separating all named queries into their own file. Or, you may want some queries to be defined in the same XML mapping file as a particular class. The <query> defines a named HQL or JPA QL query:
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@Override public void onCreate(Bundle icicle) { oauthService = LinkedInOAuthServiceFactory.getInstance() .createLinkedInOAuthService(LinkedIn.API_KEY, LinkedIn.SECRET_KEY); // UI code omitted for brevity confirmCredentials = intent.getBooleanExtra(PARAM_CREDENTIALS,
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Listing 11.10 The Handler Wind and Waves uses to add overlays to the MapView
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Mapping entity associations with XDoclet is basically the same as for value-typed properties; XDoclet tags are added to the getter methods for all association related properties. For example, the association from User to Item looks like this:
< xml version="1.0" > <definitions name="TravelAgent" xmlns="" xmlns:soap="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:titan="" targetNamespace="">
You type a character. The type-ahead makes a request to the server. It returns data to the client. The client takes that data and displays the results in the table, div, textbox, or some other format.
The next example shows you how to avoid getting the TooManyClauses exception when using a RangeQuery.
The process hosting the foreground Activity is the most important. Any process hosting a visible but not foreground Activity is next in line. Any process hosting a background Activity is next in line. Any process not hosting any Activity (or Service or BroadcastReceiver) is known as an empty process and is last in line.
So far, you ve only written inner joins. Outer joins are mostly used for dynamic fetching, which we ll discuss soon. Sometimes you want to write a simple query with an outer join without applying a dynamic fetching strategy. For example, the following query is a variation of the first query and retrieves items and bids with a minimum amount:
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