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INSERT SNIPPET Insert 14, Snippet Item 11.
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In order to switch data sources for a particular user, you must first determine which user is calling an EJB method. Inside the UserSpecificDBBean session bean shown in listing 3.5, the getConnection() method determines the invoking user and returns a JDBC connection based on the retrieved value.
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SByte Int16
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18.4 Summary
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In the sections that follow we ll look at how to implement this panel in a way that makes it easy for the two languages to interact safely.
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During the lifetime of a stateful session bean, there may be periods of inactivity when the bean instance is not servicing methods from the client. To conserve resources, the container can passivate the bean instance by preserving its conversational state and evicting the bean instance from memory. A bean s conversational state may consist of primitive values, objects that are serializable, and the following special types:
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As usual with an <idbag> mapping, the primary key is a surrogate key column, CATEGORY_ITEM_ID. Duplicate links are therefore allowed; the same Item can be added twice to a Category. (This doesn t seem to be a useful feature.) With annotations, you can switch to an identifier bag with the Hibernate @CollectionId:
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then you can obtain a pessimistic lock as follows:
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With that in mind, there are two things we have to do from the client to make our component Ajax enabled: send the request and handle the response. Let s look at each in turn. Text suggest sending the Ajax request Obviously there s a little bit of work involved in getting to the point where we can send a request. The text input will have to generate an onchange event that we will listen to and conditionally send a request for the suggestions. We ve not put any of that code in place yet, but that s okay. We can still think in terms of our method responsibilities and the contracts we d like to enforce independently of that being done. So, let s assume that some piece of code yet to be written will decide that it needs to send a request to get some suggestions. Let s call it sendRequestForSuggestions() and implement it as follows:
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Decoupling your system with messaging
Mapping entities
The DataNavigateUrlFormatString property contains a string that will be sent to the String.Format method, along with the fields listed in DataNavigateUrlFields. Here is the format string:
17: Delegates and Events
At first glance, using XSLT via JAXP does not appear to be too complex. This is true for simple transformations, but there are many attributes of the XSLT process that can be configured via the Transformer and TransformerFactory interfaces. You can also create and register a custom error handler to deal with unexpected events during transformation. See the JAXP documentation for a complete listing of the possibilities. In this book, we concentrate on where and how you would use JAXP in your J2EE code rather than exhaustively exercising this API.
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