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Triggering builds
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var negValue = -1; var sign = if(negValue < 0) { "Negative"; } else if(negValue > 0) { "Positive"; } else { "Zero"; }
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Text mode is meant for Chunk and Phrase objects. As soon as you need Paragraphs, Lists, or Images, you have to work in composite mode. There s a huge difference between
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Listing 12.17 CloseJob.java closejobView class
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Property Property Property Property Method Method
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Creates PdfTemplate Creates Graphics2D Draws chart
17.6 Displaying an AppWidget with RemoteViews
In this section, we ll show you how BLOB-storage hosting works by showing you how to create and then publish a simple static HTML website. We ll also look at a couple of issues related to using BLOB storage as a host. Now let s get to it and create a static website that you can host in BLOB storage.
19.6.2 The photodraw view
<get> WSDL from server Application server WSDL file WSDL description Web service Endpoint
<id name="id" column="CATEGORY_ID" type="long"> <generator class="&idgenerator;"/> </id>
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