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The <xmlvalidate> task provides classpath specification support so that j2ee.jar could be referenced by using classpath="${j2ee.jar}", with the usual mapping of the j2ee.jar property to the location of the actual JAR file. Validating XML should be part of the whole testing regimen. It is one more sanity check that you can easily add to a build, ensuring that one less thing can go wrong at run time. 13.2.3 Supporting alternative XML validation mechanisms There are competing successors to XML DTDs that provide more powerful ways to describe valid XML documents. These all use XML representations for easier manipulation of the DTD-equivalent schema itself, and offer a richer specification
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StudioMOTO 7 stylesheets 191, 196 stylesheets (variable) 197 subclasses 65 subclassing 55 Sudoku 80, 100 history 80 terms 81 Sudoku project boxes 91 cell background color 94 checkGroup() 90 91 checking for clashes 90 91 checking groups 90 checkStats() 98 columns 91 creating the grid UI 84 fixGrid() 97, 100 game class, version 1 83, 85 game class, version 2 92 game class, version 3 98, 100 game stats 97 98, 101 102 loading/saving the game 97, 103 locking starting cells 96 model class, version 1 82 model class, version 2 88, 90 91 model class, version 3 96 rows 91 running version 1 88 running version 2 94 running version 3 102 styling the grid UI 94 updaing the model 92 update() 90, 92, 98 updating grid cells 86 updating the model 94, 97 Sun Microsystems 6, 81, 230, 297, 318 acquired SeeBeyond 7 superclass 57 58 Superlambanana 204 SVG 231 232, 318 converting to FXD format 235 converting to FXZ 234 236 layers 235, 242, 247, 266 SVG Converter (tool) 232, 235, 240, 247 SVG editor 246 SVG UI project adding event handlers to layers 268 application class 266 naming the layers 266
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Combine the image with the watermark
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Listing 2.1 The CustomerSummary class
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4.1.3 Defining sample data
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Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load If Not IsPostBack Then lblPostBack.Text = "You're seeing this page for the first time!" Else lblPostBack.Text = "Welcome back to the page." End If End Sub
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package jfxia.chapter6; import javafx.scene.image.Image; import; import; package function appImage(f:String) : Image { Image { url: (new URL("{__DIR__}../../images/{f}")).toString(); }; }
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} e.IsAuthorized = false; }
This chapter covers
J2EE and development methodologies
Object/relational mapping metadata
whichMenu.Text = FitTextToWidth(scanHistory.HistoryDisplay, _ Me.Width \ 2, useCanvas, whichMenu.Font)
These annotations apply to message-driven beans. javax.ejb.MessageDriven Marks a POJO as an MDB.
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