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Use this solution as a last recourse. A better solution is to set the content disposition in the response header:
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B A synchronization flag detects when the external service has updated stock data and needs to refresh cached BitSets. C DocIdSets are cached per IndexReader
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public ObtainQuoteSpotlet() { String tfLabel = "Symbol"; symbolField = new TextField(tfLabel,5,25,Graphics.getWidth(tfLabel) + 40, Graphics.getHeight(tfLabel)); stockButton = new RadioButton(50,45,"Stock"); fundButton = new RadioButton(100,45,"Fund"); investmentChoice = new RadioGroup(2); investmentChoice.add(stockButton); investmentChoice.add(fundButton); investmentChoice.setSelected(stockButton); resultsBox = new ScrollTextBox("",8,65,137,45); exitButton = new Button("Exit",5,140); getButton = new Button("Get Quote", 105,140); }
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As a professional developer, you wouldn t start coding a new project before mapping out what the application will do and how it will look. The same should apply for the URL schema of an application. Although it s hard to provide a definitive guide on designing URL schema (every website and application is different), we ll discuss general guidelines with an example or two thrown in along the way. Here s a list of guidelines:
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These three tools aren t all the CI servers you can use in .NET. You can also consider adopting Hudson, Bamboo, Electric Cloud, Anthill, or one of many others. A detailed CI feature matrix is available at ThoughtWorks wiki page (http://confluence. We ll look at these three players from our point of view. Earlier in this section, we listed some aspects to consider when choosing a CI server. Table 4.1 compares our three server choices on those aspects.
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Mochikit is a set of libraries whose highlights include logging, visual effects, asynchronous task management, string and date/time formatting, and a painless DOM manipulation API that makes heavy use of JavaScript s built-in Array objects and JSON-like notation to represent the DOM.
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4.3.5 Caching results
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Figure 19.2 The sample application with a custom inputAccessoryView, as it appears on an iPad
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Name: Blue Shirt Description: A Blue Shirt
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If the field tested is null, the value of the expression is unknown, which means it cannot be predicted. The IN operator can be used with operands that evaluate to either string or numeric values. For example, the following JPA QL fragment uses the IN operator to select values 1, 3, 5, and 7:
3.7.3 The simplest possible association
Figure 11.3 You use the Import Database Wizard to connect to an existing database and create .sql scripts to import into the project.
Input and iPhone mousing
Introducing JBoss Seam
In a similar fashion, to remove a record from the same database, call on the deleteRecord(int recordNumber) method. The index refers to the ordered sequence or index of the record in the database. The record index numbers start at 0. Updating a record in the database requires the use of setRecord(int recordNumber, byte[] data). Finally, to just read a record from the database, call the getRecord(int recordNumber) method. Unlike the other access methods, this method returns the byte array that is the data in the specified record in the database at the index location specified through the method parameter. Use caution when referring to any record in the database via its index. Notice that the methods to access the database do not throw exceptions. In fact, if an attempt is made to access a record at an index that does not exist, the Palm OS Data Manager crashes. The error in figure 10.1 is the result of attempting access to a record at an index that does not exist on the emulator. The error on a real device will require a soft reset of the device. KJAVA DATABASE API 267
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