c# barcode creator Figure 20-10. A title matching form for both check-in and checkout in vb

Generation QR Code 2d barcode in vb Figure 20-10. A title matching form for both check-in and checkout

Arrays and Dictionaries
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Obviously, that s not what the book is about. The publisher suggested Creating and Editing PDF as a better subtitle. I explained that PDF isn t a document format well suited for editing. PDF is an end product. It s a display format. It s not a word processing format.
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MSBuild integrates with Visual Studio solution files, but the integration looks different than it does with project files. MSBuild knows how to execute the solution files, as you ll see next.
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Figure 5.5 Configuring CCTray. One CCTray benefit is the ability to work with more than one CruiseControl.NET server.
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" > <xs:schema xmlns:xs="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" elementFormDefault="qualified"> <xs:element name="movies"> <xs:complexType><xs:sequence> <xs:element maxOccurs="unbounded" ref="movie"/> </xs:sequence></xs:complexType> </xs:element> <xs:element name="movie"> <xs:complexType> <xs:sequence> <xs:element ref="title"/> <xs:element minOccurs="0" ref="original"/> <xs:element ref="directors"/> <xs:element ref="countries"/> </xs:sequence> <xs:attribute name="duration" use="required" type="xs:string"/> <xs:attribute name="imdb" use="required" type="xs:string"/> <xs:attribute name="year" use="required" type="xs:string"/> </xs:complexType> </xs:element> <xs:element name="title" type="xs:string"/> <xs:element name="original" type="xs:string"/> <xs:element name="directors"> <xs:complexType><xs:sequence> <xs:element maxOccurs="unbounded" ref="director"/> </xs:sequence></xs:complexType> </xs:element> <xs:element name="director" type="xs:string"/> <xs:element name="countries"> <xs:complexType><xs:sequence> <xs:element maxOccurs="unbounded" ref="country"/> </xs:sequence></xs:complexType> </xs:element> <xs:element name="country" type="xs:string"/> </xs:schema>
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sqlite> .mode column .mode column sqlite> select * from hits; Select rows select * from hits; hittime hittext ------------------- -----------------------2008-07-29 07:31:35 Tue Jul 29 07:31:35 2008 2008-07-29 07:56:27 Tue Jul 29 07:56:27 2008 2008-07-29 07:56:28 Tue Jul 29 07:56:28 2008 2008-07-29 07:56:29 Tue Jul 29 07:56:28 2008 2008-07-29 07:56:30 Tue Jul 29 07:56:30 2008 sqlite> .exit .exit #
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Well, as far as new features go, it s not glitzy like lambda expressions or variable lifting. But it gets the job done.
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[Test] public void checkout_should_map_to_catalog_checkout() { "~/checkout".ShouldMapTo<CatalogController>(x => x.CheckOut()); } [Test] public void _404_should_map_to_error_notfound() { "~/404".ShouldMapTo<ErrorController>(x => x.NotFound()); } } }
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Resource File Generation
<%@ Register Namespace="AW.Portal.Web" TagPrefix="portal" %> <portal:PortalWebPartZone runat="server" BorderColor="#CCCCCC" FontNames="Verdana" Padding="6"> <PartChromeStyle BackColor="#EFF3FB" BorderColor="#D1DDF1" FontNames="Verdana" ForeColor="#333333" /> <SelectedPartChromeStyle BorderStyle="Dashed" BorderWidth="4" BorderColor="#da8b32" /> Display a dashed border <MenuLabelHoverStyle ForeColor="#D1DDF1" /> for selected web parts <MenuLabelStyle ForeColor="White" /> <MenuVerbHoverStyle BackColor="#EFF3FB" BorderColor="#CCCCCC" BorderStyle="Solid" BorderWidth="1px" ForeColor="#333333" /> <HeaderStyle Font-Size="0.9em" ForeColor="#CCCCCC" HorizontalAlign="Center" /> <MenuVerbStyle BorderColor="#507CD1" BorderStyle="Solid" BorderWidth="1px" ForeColor="White" /> <PartStyle Font-Size="1em" ForeColor="#333333" /> <TitleBarVerbStyle Font-Underline="False" ForeColor="White" /> <MenuPopupStyle BackColor="#507CD1" BorderColor="#CCCCCC" BorderWidth="1px" Font-Names="Verdana" Font-Size="0.8em" /> <PartTitleStyle BackColor="#507CD1" Font-Bold="True" FontSize="1em" ForeColor="White" /> </portal:PortalWebPartZone>
Based on the number of available data types (8 out of the 15 core types), you would think that most programmers worked with integers all day long and you d be right. Whether it s actual user data or loop counters or status codes or the storage method for enumerated data types, integers show up everywhere in .NET code. The range of values for an integer data type depends directly on the number of binary digits managed by that data type; the more digits, the bigger the range. Also, half of the integer data types store both positive and negative values (called signed integers), whereas the other half support only positive numbers ( unsigned ). Table 6-1 lists the eight integer data types included with .NET, and their associated ranges.
s10: Liberty Associates, Inc. provides custom .NET development, on-site excellent Training and Consulting
One challenge is deciding what to do when Ant does not directly support your project. Start by looking in the Ant documentation: there are so many tasks, you may find what you want. For our client application, we want to create a Java Web Start installer, so we need to learn how to do that and find out how to do it from Ant. We can t find anything in the documentation, but the External Tools and Tasks page on Ant s web site (http://jakarta.apache.org/ant/external.html) has a pointer to an external project, Vamp, which not only contains the Ant tasks we need, it has the documentation. Extension tasks like these make a complex build possible.
Listing 13.12 Requester class implementation
You can achieve the same result by clicking the refresh button on your browser, which forces a refresh of the current page, and thus a post back to the server. When you re done, close your browser to stop the application.
In the example code for chapter 18, we had an action filter attribute that used AutoMapper to translate source types to destination types. This filter attribute is shown in listing 19.10.
<echo message="hello"/>
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