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10: Arrays
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Example 6-2. Builder pattern theory code
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In this chapter, we explored some of the options available to Java and J2ME developers targeting PDA devices. Specifically, we have looked at two means to develop and deploy J2ME applications for the most popular PDA devices, those running Palm OS. KJava is a user interface and database API designed initially by Sun as a means to demonstrate and test the first CLDC and KVM implementations. The KJava API is not a J2ME Profile, but some vendors provide a supported implementation of this API for developing applications targeted for the Palm OS device. KJava offers a rich set of user interface and database capabilities to the CLDC for applications destined for Palm OS devices. In the next few chapters, we will explore the details of KJava in more detail. Specifically, we will examine KJava s user interface and the KJava Database class which wrappers the Palm OS database. An alternate approach must be sought if one is looking for an all J2ME environment. Therefore, we felt it important to at least introduce you to the MIDP for Palm OS. MIDP for Palm OS is a fully supported J2ME environment, although somewhat limited, for developing and deploying J2ME applications to the Palm OS. While both of these environments might suffice for application development in the short term, the J2ME community awaits a fully supported and rich environment, namely the PDA Profile, for developing PDA applications.
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Hiding the Base Class Method
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Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) are two central Java technologies that EJB 3 uses extensively under the hood. RMI is the technology that enables transparent Java native remote communication between EJB clients and beans. JNDI, on the other hand, enables a whole host of EJB functionality by acting as the central service registry for a Java EE container. One of the major enhancements in EJB 3, dependency injection (DI), is simply a wrapper over JNDI lookups. In this appendix we offer a brief primer on both of these technologies, especially as they relate to EJB 3.
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Graphical user interfaces are a relatively new phenomenon. The first programmers didn t have all of the glitzy bling-bling that adorns many a modern UI. They had to make do with naval semaphore flags and Morse code. Here in the 21st century, having passed through the epochs of text-based and stick-figure interfaces, computers are finally able to present information in a way that totally confuses the end-user, yet in a beautiful and highly interactive style. Microsoft s latest tool for building active, next-generation user interfaces is Windows Presentation Foundation, or WPF. As in LINQ, WPF melds together many different technologies into a unified whole. Some of those technologies have been with us for many years, such as Microsoft s Direct3D system that displays and manipulates 3D elements. WPF condenses all of these technologies, and makes them available through an XML-based descriptive language known as XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language). WPF includes features and elements that deal with many areas of presentation, including on-screen controls, 2D drawings (like GDI+), 3D graphics (from Direct3D), static images (such as JPEG pictures), interactive multimedia (video and audio), and WYSIWYG document presentation (similar to PDF documents). Individual elements and entire user interfaces can be animated automatically, or in response to user interactions. When it comes time to display your WPF content, you can present it to the user in a few common ways. XAML files and related .NET code can be built into a standalone application, much like a typical .NET Windows Forms application, but with the amazing Cary Grant looks normally inaccessible to developers. WPF can also be used to generate web-based applications hosted within a user s browser. In fact, elements that you design for use in desktop-style applications can be used on the Web generally without any modifications. As expected, security limitations put a damper on some of the things you can do when running in this type of host. Browser-based WPF programs require that the .NET Framework and the WPF libraries be installed and accessible on the client workstation. Microsoft is bundling up much of that technology and packaging it in a product called Silverlight. Designed to compete with the likes of Adobe s Flash platform and Sun Microsystems new JavaFX system, Silverlight will eventually allow XAML and .NET linked content to run on non-Windows platforms, such as the Macintosh. A third variation uses a subset of XAML to define a PDF-like static document. Such documents are known as XPS (XML Paper Specification) documents, and are actually ZIP files that contain all of the XAML pages, graphics, and other page elements in distinct files within the archive.
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Listing 5.3 Text box and button to provide an interface for passing parameters to the service
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when you have to read exception messages. Note that the hbm2ddl exporter considers constraint names only for foreign keys that have been set on the noninverse side of a bidirectional association mapping. Foreign key constraints also have features in SQL that your legacy schema may already utilize. Instead of immediately rejecting a modification of data that would violate a foreign key constraint, an SQL database can CASCADE the change to the referencing rows. For example, if a row that is considered a parent is deleted, all child rows with a foreign key constraint on the primary key of the parent row may be deleted as well. If you have or want to use these database-level cascading options, enable them in your foreign key mapping:
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You ll create more buttons in chapter 9, where you ll learn how to submit the content of a form to a server. For now, let s continue our overview of the different types of fields.
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The value() attribute allows you to declare partial JPA QL that specifies how you want the relationship to be ordered when it is fetched from the database. If the value() attribute is left empty, the List is sorted in ascending order based on the value of the primary key. Let s take the Employee/Team relationship, which is a many-to-many bidirectional relationship, and have the teams attribute of Employee return a List that is sorted alphabetically by the Team entity s name:
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Graphics2D g2 = canvas.createGraphics(300, 150, new AsianFontMapper(AsianFontMapper.JapaneseFont_Min, AsianFontMapper.JapaneseEncoding_H));
public CommandResult Ship(int orderId) { var message = new ShipOrderMessage {OrderId = orderId}; return Command(message, () => RedirectToAction( "Shipped", new {orderId}), () => RedirectToAction( "NotShipped", new {orderId})); }
Session session = sessionFactory.openSession(); Transaction tx = session.beginTransaction(); Item i = (Item) session.get(Item.class, 123, LockMode.UPGRADE); ...
The other layers of your application that use the DAO layer are called consumers. The DAO pattern can help you test the functionality of those consumers without depending on the full functionality of your persistence layer. A good DAO implementation has an interface that describes the available functionality. The key to testing the consumer layer lies in having that interface. Consider the interface in listing 13.4; you may recognize the getPerson() method from the previous section.
A variety of full-text search solutions are available. Depending on their focus, they might better fit different needs. Some go beyond the core part of full-text searching and all the way up to exposing the results in a web page for you. Three main families of solutions exist:
See String formatting on page 280 for a description of special escapes in the string, and the Annotate() method for a more convenient way to do this. image Superimpose another image on this one. See Composite() for a much better way to accomplish this.
Building Ajax-enabled controls
public class User { @OneToOne(cascade=CascadeType.PERSIST) public void setBillingInfo(BillingInfo billing) {
Listing 4.6 Inject parameters by implementing ParameterizedBridge
12.4.5 Creating new .xib files
TermQuery termQuery = new TermQuery(t); classFilter.add(termQuery, BooleanClause.Occur .SHOULD); Term luceneTerm = new Term("id", "1"); Query luceneQuery = new TermQuery(luceneTerm); BooleanQuery filteredQuery = new BooleanQuery(); filteredQuery.add(luceneQuery, BooleanClause.Occur.MUST); filteredQuery.add(classFilter, BooleanClause.Occur.MUST); IndexSearcher searcher = null; try { searcher = new IndexSearcher(directory); Hits hits = searcher.search(filteredQuery); assert hits.length() == 1: "Wrong hit count"; Document doc = hits.doc(0); assert doc.get("color").equals("dark blue"); for (Object o : results) session.delete(o); tx.commit(); } finally { if (searcher != null) searcher.close(); session.close();
Common elements for session and message-driven beans The following elements are commonly used with session and message-driven beans. ejb-local-ref Corresponding annotation: @javax.ejb.EJB Used to specify dependencies on local EJBs.
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