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If cellProductNumber.Text.Substring(0, 2) = "CA" Then
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public abstract class UserBean implements EntityBean { private EntityContext context; public public public public public public public public public public public public public public public public public public public public abstract abstract abstract abstract abstract abstract abstract abstract abstract abstract abstract abstract abstract abstract abstract abstract abstract abstract abstract abstract String getUserId(); Abstract String getFirstName(); persistent void setUserId(String userId); properties void setFirstName(String firstName); String getLastName(); void setLastName(String lastName); String getUserType(); void setUserType(String userType); Timestamp getBirthDate(); void setBirthDate(Timestamp birthDate); Long getUserBillingId(); void setUserBillingId(Long userBillingId); Double getCommRate(); void setCommRate(Double commRate); Long getMaxItems(); void setMaxItems(Long maxItems); String getUserStatus(); void setUserStatus(String userStatus); Long getCreditRating(); void setCreditRating(Long creditRating);
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Representing user input
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This understanding is not a substitute for experience. You ll want a team that understands how to
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'circle', 3, '199,149 74,149'); 'ellipse', 3, '199,149 50,100 0,360'); => => => => => 'color', 'filltoborder', '99,149', 'red', 'green1');
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2: Structural Patterns: Decorator, Proxy, and Bridge
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In the previous two chapters we focused on developing session beans and message-driven beans (MDBs). Although we discussed a few bean type-specific features in detail, we generally avoided covering topics not closely related to introducing the basics. In this chapter we build on the material in the previous chapters and introduce advanced concepts applicable to MDBs and session beans. It is very likely that you ll find these EJB 3 features extremely helpful while using EJB in the real world. We begin by discussing the how containers provide the services behind the scenes and how to access environment information. We then move on to advanced use of dependency injection, JNDI lookups, EJB interceptors, and the EJB timer service. As you ll learn, EJB 3 largely relieves you from these system-level concerns while providing extremely robust and flexible functionality. As a foundation for the rest of the chapter, we briefly examine these EJB internals first.
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DoSomeWork Procedure: Obsolete, don't use it!
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13.3.2 Parsing with the DOM
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Play transition
session.createCriteria(User.class) .add("firstname", "G%") ) .add("lastname", "K%") );
Finally, we get to the actual DAO implementation. As we mentioned before, to create a DAO, we provide both an interface and an implementation. In this case, the interface is defined as com.mycompany.system.dao.AccountDao, and the implementation is defined as com.mycompany.system.dao.sqlmap.AccountDaoImpl. We saw the interface in section 10.3, so we will not repeat it here, but we will take a look at the DAO implementation class (see listing 10.11).
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