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Accessing Lucene natively
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Creating a receiver
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Listing 8.2 KayakLocal
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It s worth noting the use of the CSS float attribute in the msg_small_icon and msg_dialog_icon classes, which are used to render the icons in the status bar. msg_small_icon, which renders the icons for low-priority messages that present the tooltips, uses a left float to align them to the left edge, and msg_dialog_icon uses a right float to align the icon that launches the dialog to the right edge. The framework allows the status bar to be rendered in any shape or size of DIV element. Floating elements will align themselves in a sensible fashion, wrapping into vertically aligned bars, if needed (figure 6.5).
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Adds text to next column
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similar to the TABLE_PER_CLASS strategy, except the schema is normalized. This is also called the JOINED strategy:
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B BaseExtendSelector 515 BaseFilterReader 519 <basename> task 566 BaseParamFilterReader 520 Bash configuring Ant installation 526 BEA WebLogic, See WebLogic Bean Scripting Framework See BSF <blgenclient> task 336, 566 Bluestone See HP-AS Boolean attribute setters 475 Boolean attributes 50 Borland Application Server 336 and <ejbjar> 339 BSF 499 502 Bugzilla 438 build failure 27 logging in XML 327 notification, using <sound> 240 build file 5 6 best practices 231 233 design for componentization 544 design for maintenance 545 example 7 examples 189 includes 189 libraries 228 philosophy 200 simple example 24 specifying which to run 42 build log HTML view 329 Build numbering See <buildnumber> task build process 3 JUnit integration 95 and operations 438 what is 4 build tools Amber 13 Cons 13 Jam 13 Make 11 BuildEvent list 502 BuildException 487 -buildfile 41 buildFinished event 502
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Adding Chunk, Phrase, Paragraph, and List objects
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Listing 6.3 Declaratively adding controls to the UpdatePanel
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After you add the web.roleConfig file, include the CGI interpreter for your platform in the project. If you re upgrading a normal web role project, change the build action of both the interpreter and the web.roleConfig file to content. If you re using a CGI Web Role project, this is already done for you. This setting tells Visual Studio to do nothing with the files, but to include them in the output package that is uploaded to Azure. Modify the fullPath attribute to point to the interpreter that you include in your project. Excellent. You ve enabled FastCGI, and uploaded and enabled the PHP interpreter that IIS 7 will use to execute your web pages. Now you need to tell IIS 7 what type of requests should be routed to this new interpreter. Should it be every request, or only requests that end in .php These routing instructions are called handlers, and are configured in the plain old web.config file of your web project. The following example shows the handler for PHP:
< xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' > <schema xmlns="" targetNamespace=""> <complexType name="AddressType"> <sequence> <element name="street" type="string"/> <element name="city" type="string"/> <element name="state" type="string"/> <element name="zip" type="string"/> </sequence> </complexType> </schema>
The subclasses decorate Stream because they inherit from it, and they also contain an instance of a Stream that is set up when an object is constructed. Many of their properties and methods relate to this instance.
method that will schedule our Alarm, call our Intent, and fire off our Toast. The following listing shows what the finished class should look like.
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