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Session beans, as we ve seen up to this point, are best suited for servicing client requests. Many enterprise systems, however, use a messaging layer to asynchronously pass requests from application to application. In Java, we use the Java Message Service abstraction to push/pull messages via Queues and Topics, and the integration of JMS with EJB is the message-driven bean. In this example, we implement social networking status updates via a consumer/ publisher Topic. Anyone listening on the Topic will receive incoming status updates, and we create 2 listeners: 1 simple one to log out to the command-line or logfile, and another to push the updates to Twitter. Note: Set the environment variables below before running to take advantage of the Twitter updates while running the tests.
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B.14 Keywords
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When you subscribe to the AuthorizeWebPart by wiring up the event handler in code, you will never receive the authorization event notifications for static web parts. This is because static web parts are created and added to the zones prior to the Init phase of the page, and the Init phase is the first chance you have to create code to wire up the event. For this reason you should only use the declarative syntax for event wiring when using the AuthorizeWebPart event.
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Listing 6.14 is a simple program consisting of a text node in a window. It looks like figure 6.15 when run. The Font declaration references Data Control like it was a standard JavaFX or operating system font, which resolves via the file to our embedded font. When compiled, our application s build directory should feature the following files:
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On-line Price Service a URL Parser (extracts the price from the HTML) an HTML page containing the price data
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Introducing ASP.NET AJAX
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1.2.4 Deleting object graphs
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Let s also add a simple structure that communicates the values extracted from the license file. Add this code to the General module.
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One of Ant s many optional 2 tasks is the <junit> task. This task runs one or more JUnit tests, then collects and displays results in one or more formats. It also provides a way to fail or continue a build when a test fails. In order to execute the test case that we have just written via Ant, we can declare the task with the name of the test and its classpath:
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Save the code in a file named Save the code by selecting the Save or Save As options in the File menu. By default installation, Jbed locates the code in the \Java\Palm directory within Jbed s directory structure. However, source code can be located anywhere by adding the project folder to the SOURCEPATH section of the Jbed project properties file. So for example, if we had created a package, say com.ctimn.example for our Spotlet code, then the will be stored in the directory \Java\Palm\com\ctimn\example\ To compile the program and insure the code was entered correctly, either select the Java menu and pick the Compile option or press Ctrl+L.
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Listing 7.4 Dynamic filter hidden in loop
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