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You ve just seen some simple examples of aggregate functions. In the next section you ll learn how to aggregate results based on a path expression. Grouping with GROUP BY and HAVING In an enterprise business application, you may need to group data by some persistence field. Assuming that there is a one-many relationship between User and Category, this query will generate a report that lists the number of Category entities created by each c.user:
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Listing 15.9 Enabling client validation in our view
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The .exe and .dll files produced by Visual Studio do not contain your source code. If you were to look at the HelloWorld.exe file produced by our example, it would not contain a copy of the text in the Program.cs file. C# is a compiled language, meaning that during the development process, the source is converted into a binary format that is easier for the computer to execute. Visual Studio compiled your code automatically when you ran the program earlier. Not all languages work this way. For example, JavaScript, a language used to add dynamic behavior to web pages, does not need to be compiled your web browser downloads the source for any JavaScript required and runs it directly. But there are a few disadvantages with this. First, source code tends to be rather verbose it s important that source code be meaningful to humans as well as computers, because when we come to modify a program, we need to understand the code before changing it. But a computer can work with very dense binary representations of information, which makes it possible for compiled code to be much smaller than the source, thus taking up less space on disk and taking less time to download. Second, human-readable representations are relatively hard work for computers to process computers are more at home with binary than with text. Compilation provides the opportunity to convert all the human-readable text into a form more convenient for the computer in advance. So compiled code tends to run faster than a system that works directly with the source. (In fact, although JavaScript was not designed to be compiled, modern JavaScript engines have taken to compiling script after downloading it to speed things up. This still leaves it at a disadvantage to a language such as C# where compilation happens during development when a script runs for the first time with such a system, the user of the web page has to wait while the script is downloaded and compiled.) Some languages compile code into native machine language the binary code that can be executed directly by a computer s CPU. This offers a performance benefit: code compiled in this way doesn t require any further processing to run. However, .NET languages don t do this, because it limits where a compiled program can execute. As we mentioned in the first chapter, .NET languages compile into a so-called Intermediate Language (IL for short). This is a binary representation, so it s compact and efficient for computers to process, but it s not specific to any particular CPU type, enabling .NET programs to run on either 32-bit or 64-bit machines, or on different CPU architectures. The .NET Framework converts this IL into native machine language just before running it, a technique referred to as JIT (Just In Time) compilation. JIT compilation offers the best of both worlds: it s much faster than compiling from the source, but it still retains the flexibility to target different machine types.
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B Field names (or setters) match the property names projected; the projected values are stored in their respective field or getter in ItemView. C The ResultTransformer
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Listing 13.8 A Ninject module used to register dependencies
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E This code adds the Hibernate classpath when compiling. F Change the class you re going to run to
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How does this work When you add content to a page be it with Document.add() or otherwise iText writes PDF syntax to a ByteBuffer that is wrapped in a PdfContentByte object. When a page is full, these buffers are added to the PDF file in a specific order. Each buffer can be seen as a separate layer, and iText draws these layers in the sequence indicated in figure 3.2. When a page is initialized, two PdfContentByte objects are created for the basic building blocks:
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Static Constructors
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} else if (symbolField.pressed(x,y)) { symbolField.setFocus(); } else if (stockButton.pressed(x,y)) { symbolField.loseFocus(); stockButton.handlePenDown(x,y); } else if (fundButton.pressed(x,y)) { symbolField.loseFocus(); fundButton.handlePenDown(x,y); } else if (resultsBox.contains(x,y)) { resultsBox.handlePenDown(x,y); } }
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Just to be more interesting than I already am, I used a different approach to implement the GetSubStr function. This function returns a delimited section of a string. For instance, the following statement gets the third comma-delimited portion of bigString:
Here we ve annotated functions to open and close connections as callbacks; they ll be invoked by the container as their corresponding lifecycle states are reached.
The following code snippet shows how to PICK a contact record:
EJB timers are meant for long-running business processes and not real-
The progression of the type-ahead project
In this chapter we covered AppWidgets; you learned not only what they are but how they can be used and what it takes to make them operate at runtime. You learned that there can be more to the AppWidget than meets the eye. A smart phone s home screen is where users spend most of their time, so learning how to add value to the home screen is an essential skill for Android developers. We presented some usage scenarios for AppWidgets and introduced a sample application named SiteMonitor that served as the context for discussing AppWidgets. This application demonstrated the techniques required to manage widget instances and refresh remote data in a nontrivial application. We explained the architecture required to support SiteMonitor and then presented it in a step-by-step fashion. The major building blocks of the sample application presented important topics such as managing widget data through the versatile SiteMonitorModel class. Handling widget-specific data is critical to a successful AppWidget application. This chapter also covered some of the undocumented features of Android s AppWidgets and you learned how to code around those features. This chapter explored the use of many of the other skills you ve learned throughout this book. The chapter covered AppWidgets but also integrating with SharedPreferences, managing alarms, Services, RemoteViews, Threads, and more. After
Obtaining and installing the Eclipse plug-in
DirectoryProvider[] providers = searchFactory.getDirectoryProviders(Order.class); org.apache.lucene.store.Directory directory = providers[0].getDirectory();
The web: web views and internet protocols
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