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KML uses a kml root element requiring the correct namespace declaration. KML supports many more elements and attributes than the DDMS tool handles. DDMS only checks your KML files for Placemark elements B, which contain Point child elements
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This bean implements the three methods of the ManageAuction interface (we don t have to show you this interface). First, it s a stateful EJB; the container creates and reserves an instance for a particular client. When a client obtains a handle to this EJB for the first time, a new instance is created and a new extended persistence context is injected by the container. The persistence context is now bound to the lifecycle of the EJB instance and is closed when the method marked as @Remove returns. Notice how you can read the methods of the EJB like a story of your conversation, one step after another. You can annotate several methods with @Remove; for example, you can add a cancel() method to undo all conversation steps. This is a strong and convenient programming model for conversations, all built-in for free with EJB 3.0. Next is the problem of automatic flushing. All methods of the ManageAuctionBean require a transaction; you declare this on the class level. The sellerHasEnoughMoney() method, step two in the conversation, flushes the persistence context before executing the query and again when the transaction of that method returns. To prevent that, you declare that the injected persistence context should be in FlushMode.MANUAL, a Hibernate extension. It s now your responsibility to flush the persistence context whenever you want to write the queued SQL DML to the database you do this only once at the end of the conversation. Your transaction assembly is now decoupled from the flush behavior of the persistence engine.
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15.2.1 Automatic resultset handling
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Given that you re already familiar and comfortable with the UIColors, we expect that this latter function will be a popular one. Having now covered the main ways to apply colors to your graphical state, we re ready to move on to the next topic: how to change how you draw through graphical state transformations.
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Primary-key autogeneration is not supported for composite keys and primary-key classes. You will have to manually create the key values in code.
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Figure 13.6 Enabling the SQL firewall to allow Azure application traffic to connect to your database. Only IP addresses listed on this screen are allowed to connect to your databases. The check box at the top allows for all Azure services under your account to connect.
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Much like the phone permissions listed in table 7.1, SMS-related tasks also require manifest permissions. SMS permissions are shown in table 7.2. The AndroidManifest.xml file for the TelephonyExplorer application contains these permissions.
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// Frobnicator v2.41 has a bug where it crashes occasionally if // we try to set the target to "Norfolk". Setting it to an empty // string first seems to work around the problem. Frobnicator.SetTarget(""); Frobnicator.SetTarget("Norfolk");
In the example, you check whether the PDF is opened in a host container. If it is, you put the values you want to transmit to the HTML JavaScript in an array and use the postMessage() method of the host container. This message will only be accepted if there s a message handler in place for the PDF object. This message handler is created in the createMessageHandler() (B in listing 9.12) that was triggered when the HTML page was loaded; see the onLoad attribute of the body tag. This method is similar to what you did in listing 9.13. The onMessage:function accepts an array of String values. In this implementation, these values are used to fill out fields in the HTML form. This example was a little bit out of scope for a book about iText. You ll find more information about HTML to PDF communication (and vice versa) in the JavaScript for Acrobat API Reference. We ll continue looking at web-related functionality with examples that convert HTML snippets and XML files into a sequence of iText building blocks.
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If your applications have not used DTOs, then we re afraid you re in for a lot of monotonous work as you migrate your entity beans to entities. We hope it s evident from listing 14.1 that since the entity bean class and all methods are abstract, you ll have to convert the bean class to a concrete class with a constructor and define persistence fields as well as the obligatory getter/setter methods. The first step in migration will be similar to creating a DTO for your entity bean and annotating it with @Entity. Persistence fields are actually defined in the EJB deployment descriptor. Migrating all the fields to your bean class and creating the appropriate fields and getter/setter methods in the entity class is required since we re relying on dependency injection to help us out at runtime. You should be able to find some development tools and utilities to help automate these mechanical steps. Converting interfaces EJB 2 entity beans required two interfaces: a component (remote or local) interface and a home interface. EJB 3 entities don t require any framework interfaces,
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