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Protected Protected variables are like Private type variables, but code in derived classes can also access them. You can use the Protected keyword only in a class defini-
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Whenever an error occurs in the Library application, the GeneralError routine first shows the error message to the user, and then logs it to any configured log listeners.
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Conditional Branching Statements |
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Next, for each of the three documents in the repository we calculate their vector lengths:
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Write the entity to the index
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Some controls can contain multiple pieces of content. For example, a TabItem has a Content property which holds the main body of the tab page, and also a Header property for the tab caption. Both properties accept any kind of content. And then the items controls take this a step further.
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You only needed to override startOperation() to use the ServiceLocator class instead of HibernateFactory. This small change allows you to consistently access the same Session instance throughout the lifetime of an application thread. Another option for accessing Sessions is to
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$im->Draw(primitive method points bordercolor fill $im->Draw(primitive points $im->Draw(primitive points $im->Draw(primitive points => => => => => =>
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For each UITextField, input text that lists its starting position; this will later be updated by the program as the text field moves. Deselect the user interaction enabled option for each UITextField so that users can t manipulate them. The process takes longer to explain than it takes to accomplish. You ll have a working interface in a couple of minutes.
NameFormatter 261, 263 264, 266 namespaces 312 naming conventions 260, 262 NAnt 80, 252 257 XCOPY deployment 79 NAntContrib 253 NBehave 59, 288 .NET 3.5 SP1 248 .NET 4 83, 96, 99 New Project 5 NewtonSoft 182
If your stored procedures take parameters, you can set them using the Query.setParameter(int, Object) method. Your stored procedures must return a result set to be usable by Hibernate. If you have legacy procedures that don t meet this requirement, you can execute them using the JDBC Connection, accessed by session.connection(). Stored procedures are an interesting addition to Hibernate and are useful in organizations that prefer to perform the majority of their database queries as procedures.
Writing, inheriting, and using classes Mixing code with conditions and loops Running code when a variable changes Dealing with accidents and the unexpected
Many-to-many associations are quite a bit more interesting than oneto-many associations. Instead of tables being directly linked through the use of foreign keys, many-to-many associations require a collection table storing the collection of object references. Suppose Attendees can attend more than one Event. This is a natural many-to-many mapping for the set of Attendees:
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