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To develop Android applications, your computing environment must satisfy the minimum requirements. Android development is a quick-paced topic, with changes coming about very rapidly, so it s a good idea to stay in tune with the latest developments from the Android development team at Google. You ll find the latest information regarding supported platforms and requirements for Android Development Tools (ADT) at http://developer.android.com/sdk/requirements.html.
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Do you have to write factories The factory pattern is traditional and is used in applications that mostly rely on lookup of stateless services. An alternative (or sometimes complementary) strategy is dependency injection. The EJB 3.0 specification standardizes dependency injection for managed components, so we ll look at an alternative DAO wiring strategy later in this chapter. Do you have to create one DAO interface per domain entity Our proposal doesn t cover all possible situations. In larger applications, you may want to group DAOs by domain package or create deeper hierarchies of DAOs that provide more fine-grained specialization for particular subentities. There are many variations of the DAO pattern, and you shouldn t restrict your options with our recommended generic solution. Feel free to experiment, and consider this pattern a good starting point.
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Listing 5.12 Starting a transaction in the client layer
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If we tried to compile this code, we would get a compiler error for accessing the TestPrivileged class s private member _id:
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Again, these declarations are interchangeable. Which one you use is a matter of convenience and personal style.
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An interface is a contract through which a class guarantees that it will implement certain methods, provide certain properties and indexers, and support certain events, all of which are specified in the interface definition.
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Understanding object/relational persistence
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The Array object
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So far, we ve been building a class. When creating an instance of the class, we stored it in a named variable, as Example 3-24 shows.
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An important part of each pattern s description is a Unified Modeling Language* (UML) class diagram. UML is a universally accepted way of describing software in diagrammatic form. The diagrams in the book make use of the UML features itemized in Table 1-1.
Query q = session.createQuery("from Comment c where c.rating = :rating"); q.setParameter("rating", Rating.LOW, Hibernate.custom(RatingUserType.class));
@TokenFilterDef(factory = StopFilterFactory.class, params = { @Parameter(name="words", File containing value= stop words "com/maning/hsia/dvdstore/stopwords.txt"), @Parameter(name="ignoreCase", value="true") Purposely } ) } )
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public Explanation explainFirstMatchingItem(String words) { FullTextSession ftSession = SessionHolder.getFullTextSession(); org.apache.lucene.search.Query luceneQuery = buildLuceneQuery( words, Item.class ); FullTextQuery query = ftSession.createFullTextQuery( luceneQuery, Item.class ); @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") Object[] result = (Object[]) query Retrieve the .setProjection( document id FullTextQuery.DOCUMENT_ID, FullTextQuery.THIS) .setMaxResults( 1 ) .uniqueResult(); Explain a given return query.explain( (Integer) result[0] ); }
To develop mobile and wireless applications successfully and consistently, there are a number of tools that can be employed to facilitate the process early on in the project lifecycle. This section discusses a few of these tools and techniques. The first of these techniques is a questionnaire designed to understand if a mobile and wireless solution is a good fit for an organization.
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Listing 17.13 A stateless Seam component implements login and logout procedures.
To the left of the editing window are a number of tabbed windows that contain tools you may need when creating Windows and web applications. To the right of the editing window are both stacked and tabbed windows. Shown on top is the Solution Explorer, which allows you to examine and manipulate the files in the solution. Below the Solution Explorer is the Properties window. The Properties window is used extensively when you re creating web and Windows desktop applications, but you won t see it when you create console applications. In Visual Studio 2008, at the bottom of the IDE are five tabbed windows Error List, Task List, Output, Find Results, and Find Symbol Results but they don t appear in C# Express. All of these windows, plus the Toolbox, are resizable and dockable. You can resize any of them by placing the mouse cursor over the edge you want to move. The cursor will change to a double-arrow resizing cursor, at which point you can drag the window edge one way or the other, just like most other windows in the Windows interface. Right-clicking on the title bar of a dockable window pops up a menu with five mutually exclusive check items: Floating The window will not dock when dragged against the edge of the C# Express 2008 window. The floating window can be placed anywhere on the desktop, even outside the C# Express 2008 window. Dockable The window can be dragged and docked along any side of the C# Express 2008 window, as you ll see later in this chapter. Tabbed Document The window occupies the work surface, with a set of tabs for navigation. Auto Hide The window will disappear, indicated only by a tab, when the cursor is not over the window. It will reappear when the cursor is over the tab. A pushpin in the upper-right corner of the window will be pointing down when Auto Hide is turned off and pointing sideways when it is turned on. Hide The window disappears. To see the window again (to unhide it), use the View main menu item. If you click the title bar of a window and drag it, it floats free. You can now place it where you want. C# Express 2008 provides guides to help you with locating the window. To see this at work, grab the Properties window and pull it free of its current position. As you move about, the IDE positioning indicators appear, as shown in Figure 2-4.
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