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If you open the document created by listing 1.2 in Adobe Reader and look at the Description tab in the Document properties dialog box (opened via File > Properties), you ll find that the document measures 3 in. x 10 in. iText also created a left margin of 0.5 in. (36/72), a right margin of 1 in. (72/72), a top margin of 1.5 in. (108/72), and a bottom margin of 2.5 in. (180/72). If you don t like doing all that math, there s a Utilities class in iText with static methods that help you switch among points, inches, and millimeters: millimetersToPoints(), millimetersToInches(), pointsToMillimeters(), pointsToInches(), inchesToMillimeters(), and inchesToPoints(). All these methods expect a float as their value.
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Figure 25-4. Choosing project elements to include in the setup
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Figure 15.4 The navigation controller will contain at least four objects, and may be built into a complex web of interconnections.
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test. By moving logic into a Service layer, or Data Access layer, you can program in Java, not XML. When updating objects, do you use a query and update every request, use detached objects in an HttpSession, or use long application sessions Our general preference for the sake of simplicity is to use a query and update in a request. But this is still an open question for the community, and one that Hibernate in Action (Manning, 2004) tackles in depth.
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static void Main(string[] args) { Task.Factory.StartNew(() => Go("One", 100)); Task.Factory.StartNew(() => Go("Two", 500)); } Console.ReadKey();
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Before the styles will take effect, you need to import the style sheet to the page. Insert the following highlighted line of markup between the opening and closing head tags:
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Connecting in the cloud with AppFabric
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Session dynamicSession = session.getSession(EntityMode.MAP); Map seller = (Map) dynamicSession.load("UserEntity", user.getId() ); Map newItemMap = new HashMap(); newItemMap.put("description", "An item for auction"); newItemMap.put("initialPrice", new BigDecimal(99)); newItemMap.put("seller", seller);"ItemEntity", newItemMap); Long storedItemId = (Long) newItemMap.get("id"); Map loadedItemMap = (Map) dynamicSession.load("ItemEntity", storedItemId); List queriedItemMaps = dynamicSession .createQuery("from ItemEntity where initialPrice >= :p") .setParameter("p", new BigDecimal(100)) .list();
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Queues are the third part of the Azure storage system (after BLOBs and tables). The concept of queues has been around a long time, and it s likely that you ve worked with some technology related to queues already. A common architectural goal during design is to produce a system that s tightly integrated, but also loosely coupled. Any sizable system usually has several components, and whether these components are running in the same memory space, or on different boxes, they need to work closely together. This is what is meant by tightly integrated. These different components should work as a team to provide the value of the system in an easy and cohesive manner. If your only goal is tight integration, you ll often end up with a system where the components are tightly coupled as well. Tight coupling leads to a system that s brittle and that responds poorly to changes. This makes it difficult to manage the system and to extend it to meet future needs. In a brittle system, a change in one
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Listing 2.2
17.1.1 The orientation property
The iBATIS philosophy
The application performs a lookup by identifier (primary key) The persistence layer resolves an association lazily
Another way to access a control is through the associated element. Because an element can have one and only one associated control, a property called control which stores the reference to the control is created on the DOM element when the control is initialized. Supposing that you have a DOM element stored in the someElement variable, the following statement accesses the associated control (if it exists, of course) and stores a reference in the controlInstance variable:
Assuming this statement goes with the CREATE TABLE statement written earlier, this insert action will add a new record to the LineItems table with five new fields four specified fields, plus the primary key automatically added to the RecordID field (since it was marked as IDENTITY). SQL Server also does a variety of data integrity checks on your behalf. Each data field you add must be of the right data type, but you already expected that. Since we designed the CustomerID field to be a reference to the Customer table, the insert will fail if customer BW3 does not already exist in the Customer table. Numeric literals can be included in your SQL statements as needed without any additional qualification. String literals are always surrounded by single quotes, as is done for the customer and product IDs in this INSERT statement. If you need to include single quotes in the literal, enter them twice:
The bare view controller
Dependent Objects
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