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Evangelizing AspectJ
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Cells with custom background and extra info added using cell events
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Creating a StructureMap controller factory
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IEnumerable<Box> resultList = from myBox in boxList where myBox.Length > 3 && myBox.Width > 3 select myBox;
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(at least, Hibernate doesn t require it). Nor do you have to declare the properties with not-null="true". They may be nullable, as can be seen in figure 6.7. We should point out that there isn t a great deal of difference between this bag mapping and a standard parent/child entity relationship like the one you map later in this chapter. The tables are identical. The choice is mainly a matter of taste. A parent/child relationship supports shared references to the child entity and true bidirectional navigation. The price you d pay is more complex lifecycles of objects. Value-typed instances can be created and associated with the persistent Item by adding a new element to the collection. They can be disassociated and permanently deleted by removing an element from the collection. If Image would be an entity class that supports shared references, you d need more code in your application for the same operations, as you ll see later. Another way to switch to a different primary key is a map. You can remove the name property from the Image class and use the image name as the key of a map:
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toString: function() { return this.toHTML(); }
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What s the Windows Azure platform
An Adapting Stream: CryptoStream
Titlebar buttons
Figure 3.1 Starting a Hello World style NAnt script. The build performs a clean followed by a build task. As an artifact, you get a compiled executable.
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