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One day, when God was looking over his creatures, he noticed a boy named Sadhu whose humor and cleverness pleased him. God felt generous that day and granted Sadhu three wishes. Sadhu asked for three reincarnations one as a ladybug, one as an elephant, and the last as a cow. Surprised by these wishes, God asked Sadhu to explain himself. The boy replied, I want to be a ladybug so that everyone in the world will admire me for my beauty and forgive the fact that I do no work. Being an elephant will be fun because I can gobble down enormous amounts of food without being ridiculed. I will like being a cow the best because I will be loved by all and useful to mankind. God was charmed by these answers and allowed Sadhu to live through the three incarnations. He then made Sadhu a morning star for his service to humankind as a cow. EJB too has lived through three incarnations. When it was first released, the industry was dazzled by its innovations. But like the ladybug, EJB 1 had limited functionality. The second EJB incarnation was just about as heavy as the largest of our beloved pachyderms. The brave souls who could not do without its elephant power had to tame the awesome complexity of EJB 2. And finally, in its third incarnation, EJB has become much more useful to the huddled masses, just like the gentle bovine that is sacred for Hindus and respected as a mother whose milk feeds us well. Many people have put in a lot of hard work to make EJB 3 as simple and lightweight as possible without sacrificing enterprise-ready power. EJB components are now little more than plain old Java objects (POJOs) that look a lot like code in a Hello World program. We hope you agree with us as you read through the next chapters that EJB 3 has all the makings of a star. We ve strived to keep this book as practical as possible without skimping on content. The book is designed to help you learn EJB 3 as quickly and easily as possible. At the same time, we won t neglect the basics where needed. We ll also dive into deep waters with you where we can, share with you all the amazing sights we ve discovered, and warn you about any lurking dangers. This book is about the radical transformation of an important and uniquely influential technology in the Java world. We suspect you are not picking this book up to learn too much about EJB 2. You probably either already know EJB or are completely new to the world of EJB. In either case, spending too much time on previous versions is a waste of your time you won t be surprised to learn that EJB 3 and EJB 2 have very little in common. If you are curious about the journey that brought us to the current point, we encourage you to pick up one of the many good books on the previous versions of EJB.
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Depending on the structure of the XML that you are starting with, it could be easier to use XSL to transform it into the structure required by iBATIS than to process the XML and turn it into a Java object, which is your alternative in those cases.
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<hibernate-mapping> <class name="BillingDetails" table="BILLING_DETAILS"> <id>...</id> <discriminator column="BILLING_DETAILS_TYPE" type="string"/>
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If you re using EJB 2 session beans (which will be supported for a while by many major vendors), why you would migrate to EJB 3 Here area few reasons that come to mind:
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Generating the View from the Model
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Security and Ajax
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Criteria crit = session.createCriteria(User.class) .add( Expression.disjunction() .add( Expression.conjunction()
Pass width on to List
Example 5-1. Prototype pattern theory code namespace
Fills and strokes using nonzero winding number rule Fills using even-odd rule
iUI makes about a dozen classes available for you to use in creating iPhone-like web pages. Element Summary The standard iPhone-UI toolbar button. Appears at top right normally, or at top left with an arrow pointing backward with id="backButton". Moves a button left. Turns a button blue. A page-width gray button. This is the button to use for important links internal to your page. A page-width white button. This is the button to use for important links internal to your page. The core class for iUI. Anchors the page. Creates a standard iPhone UI for data entry. A nonlinked list item, intended to organize links into groups. Creates a standard iPhone UI for settings. Creates a left- and right-justified set of data. Creates toggle buttons in a row.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 using System; // Proxy Pattern Judith Bishop // Shows virtual and protection proxies class SubjectAccessor { public interface ISubject { string Request ( ); } Dec 2006
Storing individual items in a dictionary also uses an array-like syntax:
// Declare the input final String input = "Async Hashing Input"; // Hash final Future<String> hashFuture = myEjbProxyReference.hashAsync(input); // Now we're free to do whatever work we want here while the // EJB invocation runs concurrently
protected void GridView1_RowCommand (object sender, GridViewCommandEventArgs e) { if (e.CommandName == "Delete") { DeleteShirt(e.CommandArgument.ToString()); BindGrid(); } } private void DeleteShirt(string rowKey) { var shirtContext = new ProductContext();
squares. Even though nearer (larger) rows require only three squares or one square, we use five consistently to balance the table and make it easier to access. Each line contains six entries because we need not just the left-side coordinate but the right side too; the final entry defines the right-hand side of the final square. The first line in the table represents the row of squares farthest away (smallest), with each successive line describing nearer (larger) rows. The yPos table documents the vertical coordinate for each row. The first line describes the y positions for the tops of the farthest (smallest) row, through to the nearest (largest) row. The next line does the same for the bottoms. We ll be using the xPos and yPos tables when we build our scene graph, shortly. Meanwhile, let s consider the remainder of the variables:
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