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In November of 1999, Sun released the first minor revision to the EJB specification to an eager community. For the first time, it mandated support for entity beans, the component model that provides EJB persistence. The new specification also added much needed support for XML and moved deployment descriptors from proprietary serialized objects to open XML documents. The security model was strengthened. Industry consultants lauded EJB as ready for the big time. As EJB 1.1 was being developed, the Java language was making headway into the enterprise. Mainstream enterprise developers, looking for relief from tedious, distributed application development issues like security and transaction management, turned to EJB for solutions. Yet, as the first wave of real customers began to use EJB, they stumbled onto these major problems:
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With the global handling turned off, we now need to configure a specific path for handling uploads. The SlickUpload Ajax client component will send requests to this path, instead of to the normal form target for processing the file. Listing 5.5 includes the complete path-specific SlickUpload configuration.
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UTF-8 ----76 105 115 116 101 110 32 117 112 33 ASCII ----76 105 115 116 101 110 32 117 112 33
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Lucene document is represented by a bit, which can be on or off. Figure 8.1 shows how filters selectively remove elements from the result set. Filters offer the ability to apply cross-cutting restrictions on matching elements returned by queries. Numerous use cases can benefit from cross-cutting restrictions. A search engine might hide results a given user doesn t have access to (security filter); the results might be restricted to a certain period of time (temporal filter); the results might need to be restricted to a certain category or type of data (category filter). Think about your last application, and you ll likely find one or two use cases for filters. Let s explore how filters are implemented in Lucene and what benefits Hibernate Search brings to the table.
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With the following preference values, you can determine the predominant order of the pages.
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MDBs, like any EJB component type, receive lifecycle events. In this one, we ll initialize the Twitter client:
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Programmatic Security
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Run the program and view the c:\products.xml file to see the XML product data. There are many different ways to use the XML classes to create an XML document in memory. For instance, although I used the SetAttribute method to add attributes to the supplier and product nodes, I could have created separate attribute objects, and appended them onto these nodes, just like I did for the main elements.
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The semantics here are assign the value of original to result, and then increment original. The value of original is 11 at this point, which gets assigned to result, and then original is incremented. The prefix and postfix operators work the same way with the decrement operators, for the same reasons, as shown in Example 4-4. Again, note the output.
MSBuild is used mostly in conjunction with Visual Studio, because they understand each other so well. MSBuild has tasks that can read and compile entire Visual Studio projects or solutions. And project files since Visual Studio version 2005 are nothing other than MSBuild scripts, which means you can extend your project file directly. IntelliSense and validation for MSBuild scripts are present in Visual Studio.
({ "id":"313bd98d-525c-4566-bfa1-7a4f8b01ef7b", "firstName":"Ben", "lastName":"Scheirman", "bio":" Ben Scheirman is a Principal Consultant with Sogeti in Houston, TX.", "picUrl":"/content/ben.png" })
query.setHint("org.hibernate.timeout", new Integer(10));
Opening and creating databases The single constructor, Database(int typeID, int creatorID, int mode), opens a Palm OS database represented by an instance of Database. The creatorID is your registered Palm Creator ID represented in two-digit hexadecimal form. Thus, CATT becomes 0x43415454.
The first step is to initialize the XSLTProcessor object, which enables us to join the XML and XSLT files together. The importStylesheet method of the XSLTProcessor object allows us to import the XSLT file so that we can join it to the XML file in the upcoming steps. When the XSLT file is loaded into the processor, we are left with transforming the XML document. The XSLTProcessor is used again with a new method called transformToFragment(). The transformToFragment() method takes the XML file and combines it with the XSLT, and then returns the formatted result tree. We replace the content that exists in our result element by setting the innerHTML with a blank string. This removes our loading animation from the
You can also name a property of a component with the usual dot notation:
before() : uiMethodCalls() && if(!EventQueue.isDispatchThread()) { System.err.println( "Violation: Swing method called from nonAWT thread" + "\nCalled method: " + thisJoinPointStaticPart.getSignature() Advice + "\nCaller: " that flags + thisEnclosingJoinPointStaticPart.getSignature() violations + "\nSource location: " + thisJoinPointStaticPart.getSourceLocation() + "\nThread: " + Thread.currentThread() + "\nChange code to use EventQueue.invokeLater() " + "or EventQueue.invokeAndWait()\n"); } }
16.5 Summary
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