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Looking at listing 12.2 we can see that our earlier statement concerning the explain method producing uncluttered output is true. This is a concise listing of exactly what went into scoring the documents. Some may say that this listing can be misleading because it doesn t show all of the factors, but what it does not show are those values that remained at their defaults, and that s where we re going next. Let s override the DefaultSimilarity class, change some values one at a time, and see how document scores are affected.
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The first UpdatePanel control is the one associated with the UpdatePanelAnimation extender. When the user selects a date in the Calendar declared in the UpdatePanel2 control, the first UpdatePanel is refreshed and the yellow spotlight animation is played. The animation is defined in the extender s OnUpdated element, in the Animations element. The effect is implemented with a ColorAnimation instance. The StartValue and EndValue attributes specify the start and end color, expressed in hexadecimal notation. The Property and PropertyKey attributes reach the property that the animation affects. In this case, you re interested in animating the background color of the panel. You must animate the backgroundColor property of the style object encapsulated by the div eleFigure 10.17 You can use the UpdatePanelAnimation extender to ment rendered by the UpdatePanel control. implement the yellow spotlight visual Figure 10.17 shows the example running in the pattern. Opera browser. The extenders provided by the Ajax Control Toolkit, in conjunction with the elegant XML syntax used to describe animations, make it easy to create complex effects and to implement visual patterns like the yellow spotlight. In the next section, we ll look at another technique that uses JSON to instantiate animations. You ll use this technique to enhance the PhotoGallery control that you coded in section 8.4.5.
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This is the first half of the pattern: adding an entry in the history repository. The second half is reading that entry and restoring the state of the page. Listing 13.14 shows how you can accomplish this in the Navigate event handler for the page.
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1.1 Invoking a local EJB from another EJB
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Counts rows in a page
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Listing 10.15 security.policy: the policy file for authorization
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Case ' ' Case ' ' Case ' ' Case ' ' Case ' ' ReportItemEnum.BuiltInCheckedOut ----- Items Checked Out TODO: Write BasicReportCheckedOut( ) ReportItemEnum.BuiltInOverdue ----- Items Overdue TODO: Write BasicReportOverdue( ) ReportItemEnum.BuiltInMissing ----- Items Missing TODO: Write BasicReportMissing( ) ReportItemEnum.BuiltInFinesOwed ----- Fines Owed by Patrons TODO: Write BasicReportFines( ) ReportItemEnum.BuiltInStatistics ----- Library Database Statistics TODO: Write BasicReportStatistics( )
This means that if the value of the field is set to UserType.SELLER, the value 0 will be stored into the database. Alternatively, you can specify that the enumeration value name should be stored as a String:
Element/Attribute Name ejb-name Description Name of the EJB. Must match the ejb-name defined for an EJB or the name element of the @Stateless and @Stateful annotations. Name of the EJB method. Specifies the Transaction attribute of the method. Valid values are Required, RequiresNew, NotSupported, Supports, Never, and Mandatory.
The TIFF format allows multiple images per file, full color, grayscale and palettebased color data, as well as an alpha channel. This makes it a suitable format for storing images to use as a source, because it allows the storing of the complex information that image formats can contain, without loss, reasonably compressed, and portable between applications.
Figure 1.4 Poorly designed database schema
You can save a lot of time if you learn how to automate your deployments instead of doing them by hand through the portal. We re going to start this section by showing some code you can use to get a list of the service and storage accounts you ve created in Azure. This code is fairly primitive and uses the REST API directly. We ll eventually start using a tool that will abstract away the raw REST so that you have something nicer to work with. You re going to use the WebRequest class to work with the REST call you ll be making. You need to pass in the URI of the call you want to make. The following listing shows how to use REST to query for a list of services.
Listing 16.4 Sample link statements
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