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(The versioned keyword is not allowed if your version or timestamp property relies on a custom org.hibernate.usertype.UserVersionType.)
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The bean s perception of its lifecycle depends on whether it implements a special interface called javax.ejb.SessionSynchronization. This interface defines an additional set of callback methods that notify the bean of its participation in transactions. A bean that implements SessionSynchronization can cache database data across several method calls before making an update. We have not discussed transactions in detail yet; we will consider this part of the bean s lifecycle in 17. This section describes the lifecycle of stateful session beans that do not implement the SessionSynchronization interface. The lifecycle of a stateful session bean has three states: Does Not Exist, Method-Ready, and Passivated. This sounds a lot like a stateless session bean, but the Method-Ready state is significantly different from the Method-Ready Pool of stateless beans. Figure 6-2 shows the state diagram for stateful session beans.
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public void endAuction(Item item) { // Reattach item itemDAO.makePersistent(item); // Set winning bid Bid winningBid = itemDAO.getMaxBid( item.getId() ); item.setSuccessfulBid(winningBid); item.setBuyer( winningBid.getBidder() ); // Charge seller Payment payment = new Payment(item); paymentDAO.makePersistent(payment); // Notify seller and winner ... } ... }
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11.3.1 A simple binding
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This code is not terribly complex; you ve used only a single goto statement. However, with multiple such statements and labels scattered through your code, tracing the flow of execution becomes very difficult. Back in the days before compilers, goto was the only option for branching, but it resulted in some unsightly code. It was the phenomenon of spaghetti code that led to the creation of alternatives, such as the while loop.
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688 | Appendix H: Transactions: Blackjack Game Example
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That s it! You now can officially claim that you know how to map all the basic models in Hibernate Search. This was a lot of new information in one chapter, but don t worry. In practice, most of the default values are used, and defining the mapping information comes quite naturally. You should spend most of your time thinking about the data you wish to search by and about the type of query you want to be able to execute. From this knowledge, the mapping description comes naturally. An attentive reader might have seen that we left some questions about mapping situations unanswered. The next chapter will describe more advanced mapping techniques, some of them at the heart of Hibernate Search s flexibility. If you re still a bit uncomfortable with mappings, or if you think you ve had enough mapping information for the day, you can skip the next chapter for now and jump to chapter 5 or even chapter 6. After reading chapters 6 and 7 on how to write a query, you ll understand better the reasons behind the mapping metadata. 2010 printing code 39
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Listing 12.13
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Q: I ve written a script/class and don t want other scripts messing with my functions or variables, as I might change them at a later date. Can I do this A: Stick with the default access mode. It gives you complete freedom with your variables and functions because no other script can interact with them. Q: I m writing a package. Some functions and variables need to be accessible across scripts and classes of the package, but I don t want other programmers getting access to them. Is this possible A: Sure, the package access modifier will do that for you. Q: Some of my class s functions and variables would be useful to authors of subclasses, but I don t want to open them up to the world. How is this done A: Check out the protected access modifier; it grants package visibility, plus any subclasses from outside the package. Q: I have a class with some variables I d like to make readable by everyone, but I still want to control write access to them. Can JavaFX Script do this A: Indeed! Just combine public-read with one of the four basic modes. Q: I d like to control writing to my instance variables, except when the instance is first created. Is this possible A: Funny you should ask. Just add public-init to one of the four basic modes, and your variables will become public writable when used from an object literal. Q: So, why can t I use these additive modifiers with def variables A: Common sense. A public-read def would be the same as a public def, and a public-init def would be rather pointless.
Listing 7.18 monitors the creation of Transformer objects
UserName table, stores the basic security profile for each librarian or other administrative user, including a password. Since anyone who can get into the database will be able to see the passwords stored in this table, we will encrypt them to make them a little less tempting. (For patrons simply using the program, there shouldn t be any direct access to the database apart from the application, but you never know about those frisky patrons.)
Under the hood of the UpdatePanel
Listing 3.14 Passing functions as parameters to other functions
gives you a directory tree to point the server to. If the <war> task is used, the <unwar> task can create the same effect.
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