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The LINQ provider for the Entity Framework, LINQ to Entities, supports all of the standard LINQ operators we saw in 8, but it works a little differently. The idea of deferred execution is still present, and it s even more important. The point at which you cause the LINQ query to execute the instant at which your code first starts trying to use the results is the point at which the EF will need to send a request to the
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The style then sets a couple of triggers. As with the triggers you saw earlier in the chapter, these triggers associate an EventTrigger with a RoutedEvent. Specifically, the first trigger uses the MouseEnter event that you saw in an earlier example:
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ConsoleApplication1, which is a fine name, but not very descriptive. Change it to HelloWorld (without a space) and then click OK. Visual Studio creates the project for you, along with the necessary files. Again, you don t need to know about most of this yet, but it s nice that Visual Studio does it for you. It also creates the program where you ll write your code, called Program.cs. Finally, Visual Studio opens Program.cs in an editing window for you to work on. Visual Studio provides some basic code that s common to all C# console programs, called a skeleton, which saves you even more time. Your Visual Studio screen should now look like Figure 1-4. In this first example, you will create a very simple application that does nothing more than display the words Hello World to your monitor. This console application is the traditional first program for learning any new language, and it demonstrates some of the basic elements of a C# program. After you write your Hello World program and compile it, we ll provide a line-byline analysis of the source code. This analysis will give you a brief preview of the language; we ll describe the fundamentals much more fully in 3. As we mentioned, the skeleton of the program is already there for you, but you still need to write a little code. The editing window you re looking at now works much like any word processing program you re familiar with, or even like Windows Notepad. However, you ll find that Visual Studio has a lot of helpful features for writing
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The biggest performance killer in applications that persist objects to SQL databases is the n+1 selects problem. When you tune the performance of a Hibernate application, this problem is the first thing you ll usually need to address. It s normal (and recommended) to map almost all associations for lazy initialization. This means you generally set all collections to lazy="true" and even change some of the one-to-one and many-to-one associations to not use outer joins by default. This is the only way to avoid retrieving all objects in the database in every transaction. Unfortunately, this decision exposes you to the n+1 selects problem. It s easy to understand this problem by considering a simple query that retrieves all Items for a particular user:
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Listing 8.12 Use an external service to build the appropriate DocIdSet
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The image itself looks untouched, but it does contain the watermark. Note that this method of steganography does not actually store all the information of the original watermark in the image, but a simplified grayscale version of it. Unfortunately, Image::Magick s steganographic method is not especially robust. It will withstand some blurring and such of the image, but cropping or conversion to a lossy image format such as jpeg or gif might make the watermark irretrievable, which may not be a problem with the way this is implemented in Image::Magick, but more a deficiency in the steganography method itself. To protect your images from thievery, you would be better off using other means, such as good copyright statements and legal advice. Steganography is too easy to beat.
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Firefighter joe = new Firefighter { RealName = "Joe" };
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package ejb3inaction.example.buslogic; import import import import import import import import import import javax.ejb.MessageDriven; javax.ejb.ActivationConfigProperty; javax.annotation.PostConstruct; javax.annotation.PreDestroy; javax.annotation.Resource; javax.jms.JMSException; javax.jms.Message; javax.jms.MessageListener; java.sql.*; javax.sql.*;
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We have more examples of how to use compile-time errors and warnings for policy enforcement in chapter 6.
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Now, let s change our first message and, while we re at it, create a new message associated with the first, as shown in listing 2.3.
Handling focus
Design patterns and web technologies
1.1 A storm of controversy
Clear method. Clear the background with a specific color. CopyFromScreen method. If the Prnt Scrn button on your keyboard falls off, this is the method for you. DrawArc method. Draw a portion of an arc along the edge of an ellipse. Zero degrees starts at three o clock. Positive arc sweep values move in a clockwise direction; use negative sweep values to move counterclockwise. DrawBezier and DrawBeziers methods. Draw a B zier spline, a formula-based curve that uses a set of points, plus directionals that guide the curve through the points. DrawCurve, DrawClosedCurve, and FillClosedCurve methods. Draw cardinal curves (where points define the path of the curve), with an optional brush fill. DrawEllipse and FillEllipse methods. Draw an ellipse or a circle (which is a variation of an ellipse). DrawIcon, icons. DrawLine and DrawLines methods. Draw one or more lines with lots of options for making the lines snazzy. DrawPath and FillPath methods. I ll discuss graphic paths a little later. DrawPie and FillPie methods. Draw a pie slice border along the edge of an ellipse. DrawPolygon and FillPolygon methods. Draw a regular or irregular geometric shape based on a set of points. DrawRectangle, DrawRectangles, FillRectangle, and FillRectangles methods. Draw squares and rectangles. DrawString method. We used this before to output text to the canvas. FillRegion method. I ll discuss regions later in the chapter. Here s some sample drawing code:
12.5.1 Applying a Cascading Style Sheet
Our illustration of the Adapter pattern is a very real one it involves hardware instruction sets, not input/output. From 1996 to 2006, Apple Macintosh computers
This is about as much time as we need to spend on the EJB context right now. Rest assured that you ll see more of it in chapter 6. In the meantime, let s turn our attention back to a vital part of EJB 3 dependency injection. We provided a brief overview of DI in chapter 2 and have been seeing EJB DI in action in the last few chapters. We just saw an intriguing use case in injecting EJB contexts. In reality, EJB DI is a like a Swiss army knife: it is an all-in-one tool that can be used in unexpected ways. Let s take a look at some of these advanced uses next.
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