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Configuration cfg = new Configuration().configure(); SchemaUpdate schemaUpdate = new SchemaUpdate(cfg); schemaUpdate.execute(false);
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Items controls
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Writing Text with a StreamWriter
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The code used to produce this image is:
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class RepaginateProcess : DocumentProcess { public override void Process(Document doc) { DocumentProcesses.Repaginate(doc); } } class TranslateIntoFrenchProcess : DocumentProcess { public override void Process(Document doc) { DocumentProcesses.TranslateIntoFrench(doc); } }
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Querying objects with HQL
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// We didn't expect to get here return false;
The Criteria interface also supports this operation:
package banking; import logging.*;
Builds EJB support classes using WebLogic s ejbc tool from a directory containing a set of deployment descriptors.
/** * @param zip the zip to set */ public void setZip(final String zip) { this.zip = zip; } }
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (!IsPostBack) { rblShippers.SelectedIndex = 0; } }
After obtaining a handle to the SOAPBody, we can create a remote method call and bind its parameters.
This shared secret behavior that you attach to your service will authenticate to the bus with your issuer name and signing key automatically.
This chapter covers
While it s often convenient to be able to create and add elements and attributes one step at a time, these classes offer constructors that allow us to do more work in a single step. If we know exactly what we want to put in an element, this can lead to neater looking code. For example, we can replace the foreach loop with the code in Example 12-4.
al.exe /target:lib /embed:Form1.ja.resources,ForeignNames.Form1.ja.resources /culture:ja /out:ForeignNames.resources.dll /template:bin\Release\ForeignNames.exe
This code calls DrawControl( ) on each element in the array in turn. All the compiler knows is that it has three Control objects and that you ve called DrawControl( ) on each. If you had not marked DrawControl( ) as virtual, Control s original DrawControl( ) method would be called three times. However, because you did mark DrawControl( ) as virtual, and because the derived classes override that method, when you call DrawControl( ) on the array the right thing happens for each object in the array. Specifically, the compiler determines the runtime type of the actual objects (a Control, a ListBox, and a Button) and calls the right method on each. This is the essence of polymorphism that the for loop, and the code within it, have no idea what kinds of objects are going to be in the array, except that they all derive from Control, and therefore have valid DrawControl( ) methods. The for loop doesn t need to know any more than that.
intQueue values: (Dequeue) 0 intQueue values: (Dequeue) 5 intQueue values: (Peek) 10 intQueue values: 0 5 10 15 20
Splash screen (Splash Activity)
Using an existing PDF as background image for new PDFs
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