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While using directives declare which namespaces our code consumes, this namespace keyword tells the compiler what namespace we plan to provide the types we write in our programs belong to namespaces just like the types in the class library.* Here, Visual Studio has presumed that we d like to put our code into a namespace named after the project we created. This is a common practice, although you re free to use whatever
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6.13.1 Solution: Measure early and often
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This event is fired after the page is removed from memory but hasn t yet been disposed.
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Constant Summary No resizing Height resizing allowed Width resizing allowed Width resizing allowed to left Width resizing allowed to right Height resizing allowed to bottom Height resizing allowed to top
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A.3 Antipatterns teach from the negative
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import junit.framework.TestCase; import import import import import org.jboss.ejb3.examples.ch18.tuner.AuditedInvocation; org.jboss.ejb3.examples.ch18.tuner.CachingAuditor; org.jboss.ejb3.examples.ch18.tuner.TunerLocalBusiness; org.junit.Before; org.junit.Test;
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Some other types of data processing, such as file uploads, will require somewhat different setups, and you d do well to look at HTML documentation for the specifics, but the general methods used to POST data will remain the same. With POSTing out of the way, we ve now covered all of the SDK s most important functions related to the internet. But there s one other topic that we want to touch upon before we close this chapter a variety of internet protocols that you can access through third-party libraries.
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var orderedOrders = from order in orders orderby order.OrderDate select order;
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Adds build directory to <path id="project.class.path"> CLASSPATH <pathelement path="${build.dir}"/> <fileset dir="lib"> Adds Zip and JAR files <include name="**/*.jar"/> from the lib directory <include name="**/*.zip"/> to the CLASSPATH </fileset> </path>
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Running two instances of JBoss AS on the same machine
Statement 1; Statement 2; B(); Statement 3; return;
The Java world is full of specifications, standards, and implementations of these. A relatively new, but important, standard is in its first version: the Java Management Extensions (JMX). JMX is about the management of systems components or, better, of system services. Where does Hibernate fit into this new picture Hibernate, when deployed in an application server, makes use of other services, like managed transactions and pooled datasources. Also, with Hibernate JMX integration, Hibernate can be a managed JMX service, depended on and used by others. The JMX specification defines the following components:
You can explore the code further by opening it up in an IDE. At the time of this writing, NetBeans and Oracle JDeveloper had good support for EJB 3 and Java EE 5 in general. However, it is very likely that other popular IDEs such as Eclipse will catch up very soon.
The FileInfo class provides instance methods for manipulating files. You can now iterate over this collection, accessing the Name property of the FileInfo object and passing that name to the constructor of a TreeNode, which you then add to the parent node s Nodes collection (thus creating a child node). This whole process is similar to what you did with the directories, but there is no recursion this time because files don t have subdirectories. Put the following code inside the if statement you just created, and remember to close the if afterward:
An interesting question that might have already crossed your mind is what would happen if you specified default, class-, and method-level interceptors for a specific target method (yes, this is perfectly legal). In which order do you think the interceptors would be triggered Somewhat counterintuitive to how Java scoping typically works, the interceptors are called from the larger scope to the smaller scope. That is, the default interceptor is triggered first, then the class-level interceptor, and finally the methodlevel interceptor. Figure 5.4 shows this behavior. If more than one interceptor is applied at any given level, they are executed in the order in which they are specified. In our ActionBazaarLogger and BidStatisticsTracker example, the ActionBazaarLogger is executed first since it appears first in the comma-separated list in the @Interceptors annotation:
If you have to use a font for which you can t find the corresponding font with italic or oblique style, you can use setSkew(0, 25) to simulate italics.
You can also set the tab order for each control by modifying its TabIndex property using a zero-based numbering system. However, it s usually faster to set these values by clicking on each control in order.
LockMode.NONE Don t go to the database unless the object isn t in either
Including both an If and an Else clause ensures that the Enabled state of the button will always be what you want, regardless of the circumstances. Run the app. The Welcome page opens with the Login link and contents of the AnonymousTemplate displayed, and the Manager s Page button is disabled. Log in as a user in the managers role, say dhurwitz, and the button will become enabled. Click that button to move to the Manager s Page; then click the button on that page to return to the Welcome page. There is still a problem with this application, however: If you log in with one of the usernames that are not in the Manager s role, such as tbrady, you still are allowed to go to the Manager s page. Let s fix this.
The product list XML shown earlier is nice, but someone else could come up with a product list document that is just as nice, but with different naming and formatting rules. For instance, someone might create a document that looks like this:
We build our project and the XDoclet project. If we wanted to, we could even pull down Ant itself, then perhaps Tomcat and Apache Axis. Sure, the build would get slower, but we would know the moment any of these tools broke our code, and we could then either fix our code or raise the issue with whoever changed the code we depend upon. This shows one of the interesting ways that using open source tools can change your perspective. Instead of being a consumer of finished products, your project can
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