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Listing 11.5
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When a Country element is found in the XML file B, its value is compared with the prefixText parameter. If prefixText contains a prefix for the current country C, the name of the country is added to the suggestion list D. If you reach the maximum number of suggestions allowed, you break out of the loop E. When the method returns, the array with the country names is serialized in JSON format
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The Timer.getNextTimeout() method simply returns the date represented by a java.util.Date instance on which the timer will expire next. If the timer is a singleaction timer, the Date returned is the time at which the timer will expire. If, however, the timer is an interval timer, the Date returned is the time remaining until the next expiration. Oddly, there is no way to determine subsequent expirations or the interval at which an interval timer is configured. The best way to handle this is to put that information into your info object.
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basejarname Base name of the EJB JAR that is to be created if it is not to be determined from the name of the deployment descriptor files. [String] Classpath to use when resolving classes for inclusion in the JAR. [Path] Analyzer to use when adding in dependencies to the JAR. [String] Descriptor directory. [File] Destination directory. [File] Controls whether the destination JARs are written out in the destination directory with the same hierarchical structure from which the deployment descriptors have been read. [Boolean] Suffix for the generated JAR file. [String] Manifest file to use in the JAR. [File] Naming scheme used to determine the name of the generated JARs from the deployment descriptor. [ejb-name, directory, descriptor, basejarname] Source directory, which is the directory that contains the classes that will be added to the EJB JAR. [File] Adds a deployment tool for Borland server. Adds to the classpath used to locate the super classes and interfaces of the classes that will make up the EJB JAR. [Path] Creates a DTD location record. Adds a deployment tool for iPlanet Application Server.
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Exit the game: ==>a
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Web service instances
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Listing 20.2 Creating our base test class
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*/ public void setId(final Long id) { = id; } /** * @return the firstName */ public String getFirstName() { return firstName; } /** * @param firstName the firstName to set */ public void setFirstName(final String firstName) { this.firstName = firstName; } /** * @return the lastName */ public String getLastName() { return lastName; } /** * @param lastName the lastName to set */ public void setLastName(final String lastName) { this.lastName = lastName; } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Overridden Implementations ----------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /* * Value equality is based by ID and type only */ /** * {@inheritDoc} * @see java.lang.Object#hashCode() */ @Override public int hashCode() { final int prime = 31; int result = 1;
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Finally, select Item 1. The content magically appears within the source code. All insertions of code snippets throughout this book occur in exactly this way. Snippet 1 inserts the SayHello class, part of the HelloStuff namespace, a portion of which appears here:
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You ve now used every control in the Ajax server extensions, and the result is an application that is far more engaging and responsive than when you started. Along the way, you picked up a collection of best practices for getting the most out of the extensions, and you also got a glimpse into how the ScriptManager works under the hood. But you re not done yet. Even the best applications contain errors or raise exceptions.
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Separated Choices
Object Relational Mapping
$im->Rotate(degrees => double, crop => boolean, sharpen => boolean)
In this chapter, we ve looked at a number of topics that add a professional feel to an Ajax application. At the outset, we defined responsiveness, robustness, consistency, and simplicity as key factors in providing that sense of quality. The majority of the chapter has been dedicated to looking at ways of providing the user with feedback while she works. Along the way, we developed several implementations of visual feedback mechanisms, including a status bar, a pop-up dialog, and inline highlighting of data. Going the extra distance to add these features can enrich the user experience considerably, and wrapping the functionality up as a reusable framework as we have done here removes a lot of burden from the developer. Having developed the frameworks, we showed how to easily integrate them with some of our previous code examples. We added status bar notifications to provide feedback on the progress of our server requests and inline highlighting of recently updated data in the ObjectBrowser that we use to view data about planets in the solar system.
Listing 2.2 A simple servlet client for the PlaceBid EJB
The call to create() returns a new instance of Example for the given instance of User. The ignoreCase() method puts the example query into a case-insensitive mode for all string-valued properties. The call to enableLike() specifies that the SQL like operator should be used for all string-valued properties, and specifies a MatchMode. We ve significantly simplified the code again. The nicest thing about Hibernate Example queries is that an Example is just an ordinary Criterion. So, you can freely mix and match QBE with QBC. Let s see how this works by further restricting the search results to users with unsold Items. For this purpose, we add a Criteria to the example user, constraining the result using its items collection of Items:
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