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In chapter 3, we introduced the most important ORM features provided by Hibernate. You ve met basic class and property mappings, inheritance mappings, component mappings, and one-to-many association mappings. We now continue exploring these topics by turning to the more exotic collection and association mappings. At various places, we ll warn you against using a feature without careful consideration. For example, it s usually possible to implement any domain model using only component mappings and one-to-many (occasionally one-to-one) associations. The exotic mapping features should be used with care, perhaps even avoided most of the time. Before we start to talk about the exotic features, you need a more rigorous understanding of Hibernate s type system particularly of the distinction between entity and value types.
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session.createCriteria(Item.class) .setFetchMode("bids", FetchMode.JOIN) .add( Restrictions.like("description", "%Foo%") );
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Continuous feedback w ith Team Foundation Server
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12.4.2 Managing jobs: The ManageJobs Activity
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Since we re going to use the scripting engine only once, we lump all the code to initialize the engine and call the script into one place. The script simply returns a declaratively created JavaFX Script object of type ControlPanelImpl, which (you can t tell from this listing, but won t be shocked to learn) extends our ControlPanel interface. The object returned by the script provides the return value for the getJavaFX() method. Figure 11.5 demonstrates the full relationship. Once the ControlPanelImpl object is created, Java and JavaFX Script commuJava JavaFX Script nicate only via a common interface. JavaFX Script s respect for Java interfaces means ControlPanel.java this is a safe way to link the two. However, getUI() getUI() setTitle() JavaFX Script s lack of support for construcsetTitle() tors means the ControlPanelImpl object ControlPanelImpl.fx Game.java must still be created using JSR 223. Let s look at ControlPanelImpl. Because Figure 11.5 Java s Game class and the it s written in JavaFX Script, the code is preJavaFX Script ControlPanelImpl.fx sented in its entirety (for those suffering class communicate via a Java interface, ControlPanel.java. JavaFX withdrawal symptoms) in listing 11.6.
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12.3 Application source code
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@Entity @Table(name = "CATEGORIZED_ITEM") public class CategorizedItem { @Embeddable public static class Id implements Serializable { @Column(name = "CATEGORY_ID") private Long categoryId; @Column(name = "ITEM_ID") private Long itemId; public Id() {} public Id(Long categoryId, Long itemId) { this.categoryId = categoryId; this.itemId = itemId; } public boolean equals(Object o) { if (o != null && o instanceof Id) { Id that = (Id)o; return this.categoryId.equals(that.categoryId) && this.itemId.equals(that.itemId); } else { return false; } } public int hashCode() { return categoryId.hashCode() + itemId.hashCode(); } } @EmbeddedId private Id id = new Id(); @Column(name = "ADDED_BY_USER") private String username; @Column(name = "ADDED_ON") private Date dateAdded = new Date(); @ManyToOne @JoinColumn(name="ITEM_ID", insertable = false, updatable = false) private Item item; @ManyToOne @JoinColumn(name="CATEGORY_ID", insertable = false, updatable = false) private Category category;
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A transaction is associated with the UserTransaction object. The transaction has been prepared, which means that the first phase of the two-phase commit process has completed.
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The details of the AppWidgetProvider, the special metadata in the AndroidManifest, IntentFilters, RemoteViews, and much more are all discussed in this chapter. Before we delve into the details of constructing an AppWidget, let s consider the various design patterns an AppWidget can satisfy.
set path=%path%;c:\software\google\androidsdk\tools;
at some of the main graphical abstractions embedded in the UIKit. There are three major abstractions: windows, views, and view controllers. A window is something that spans the device s entire screen. An application has only one, and it s the overall container for everything your application does. A view is the content holder in your application. You may have several of them, each covering different parts of the window or doing different things at different times. They re all derived from the UIView class. But don t think of a view as a blank container. Almost any object you use from the UIKit will be a subclass of UIView that features a lot of behavior of its own. Among the major subclasses of UIView are UIControl, which gives you buttons, sliders, and other items with which users may manipulate your program, and UIScrollableView, which gives users access to more text than can appear at once. A view controller does what its name suggests. It acts as the controller element of the Model-View-Controller triad and in the process manages a view, sometimes called an application view. As such, it takes care of events and updating for your view. In this book, we ve divided view controllers into two types. Basic view controllers manage a screenful of information (such as the table view controller), whereas advanced view controllers let a user move around among several subviews (such as the navigation bar controller and the tab bar controller). Figure 2.6 shows how these three types of objects interrelate. Windows, views, and view controllers are ultimately part of a view hierarchy. This is a tree of objects that begins with the window at its root. A simple program may have a
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masterTimeline = Timeline { keyFrames: for(i in [0..<numRipples]) KeyFrame { time: i*rippleGap; action: function() { ripples[i].rippleTimeline .playFromStart(); } } };
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