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Assert.AreEqual(1, redirectResult.RouteValues.Count); Assert.AreEqual("index", redirectResult.RouteValues["action"]); }
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Large projects create their own problems. There is more to do, they are more visible, so failure and delays are often less acceptable, there are more people on the team, and the integration issues are worse. A small project could have one product, such as a JAR file, and its documentation. A large project could have client-side and server-side components, native library add-ins, and a database somewhere. These all need to be built, tested, and deployed together. If the build process is inadequate, the effort of managing the build can spiral out of control. Can Ant manage the build for a big project Yes. It may be great for small to medium projects, but it also scales up to work with large ones. Like any software scaling exercise, scaling up does not come automatically: you need to plan. You also need the other foundational tools of a large project that we will assume you have in place: source control, defect tracking, and perhaps even a change control process. Our ongoing example project is slowly becoming a large project. It has some core libraries, an Ant task, and a web application, and we are about to write an EJB component. This is a broad mix of deliverables, but we still want to be able to run a single build file to bring it all up to date.
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One of the great reasons to use J2EE is that its API is a published standard. This means that EJB applications should be portable across different vendors application servers. Vendors maintain the specified functionality from the J2EE specification, but usually ask that developers deploy EJBs with an additional deployment XML file that is specific to the application server. This vendor-specific XML file allows the application server to correctly map EJB functionality to its EJB container.
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In addition to the examples scattered throughout this book, this appendix strives to provide a reference to get you started with Image::Magick, and hopefully summarizes the options and methods sufficiently. This appendix covers Image::Magick up to version 5.4.4. The API of Image::Magick hasn t always been entirely stable because of major changes to functionality, and name changes to reflect the actual intent or operations better than before. Most of the code in the book was written for Image::Magick version 5.2.6, and should run fine against that version. Between versions 5.2.6 and 5.4.4 some API changes were introduced that broke some of the code in this book. Where possible the text in this book has been adapted to reflect those changes. The ImageMagick developers have agreed to provide as much backward compatibility with the code in this book as possible, and have in fact, reversed some API changes in version 5.4.4 to make that work, but they can, of course, guarantee nothing. This means that you should be able to trust the code in this book and the documentation in this appendix up to a certain point, but that you should consult the Image::Magick documentation when things don t seem to work as described herein. In short, you should make sure that you have Image::Magick version 5.4.4 5 or later to ensure that the code and documentation in this book match the actual implementation best.
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The test case class in listing 9.7 provides a single test method, testIncrement(), that tests a business method upon a stateful session bean.
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Dim strQuery As String = Request.Form("q") Dim strWhere As String = "" Dim arrayStr() As String = strQuery.Split(",") Dim i As Integer For Each i In arrayStr If strWhere.Length > 0 Then strWhere = strWhere & " OR " End If strWhere = strWhere & " regionid = " & i Next Dim strSql As String = "SELECT " & _ " TerritoryDescription, " & _ " TerritoryID" & _ " FROM Territories" & _ " WHERE " & strWhere & _ " ORDER BY TerritoryDescription"
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Perl is fast for the type of language it is. However, image manipulation is one of the areas in computer programming in which fast is just not fast enough; it needs to be as fast as possible. The fastest way of working with image data is to write the code that deals with the pixels in a language that can be compiled into machine code. As mentioned in the introduction to this chapter: there is a good reason that most image manipulation code is implemented in C, and not in Perl.
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Table 10.1 Objective-C code can look quite different from ANSI C; it depends on just a handful of syntactic changes. Summary Categories can be used to add to classes without subclassing. Classes define object types in matched .h and .m files. Messages send commands to objects in [bracketed] code. Properties allow for the easy definition of accessors and mutators. Protocols define methods that a class promises to respond to. @ directives are used by the compiler for a variety of purposes.
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them interact with other things going on in your environment, things called events. In the next chapter, you ll see how to let your code play well with others.
Evaluate device name
Java source
Developing a simple AspectJ-based solution
There s nothing particularly notable here. If you have a sufficiently good understanding of the HTML protocol, you can easily dump the dictionary elements into an NSData object. The middle appendData: method is the most important one, because it adds both the key (saved in an NSArray) and the value (available in the original NSDictionary) to the HTML body. Back outside the method, you can add the data to your NSMutableURLRequest just as in listing 20.7, except the content type will look a little different:
<loader query-ref="loadUser"/> ... </class>
B Use the Hibernate list() method: All matching objects are loaded eagerly. C Use the Hibernate getResultList() method: All matching objects are loaded eagerly.
public int CompareTo(Object rhs) { Animal otherAnimal = rhs as Animal; if (otherAnimal != null) { return this.weight.CompareTo(otherAnimal.weight); } else { throw new ApplicationException("Expected to compare animals"); } } } public class Dog : Animal { public string Breed { get; set; } public Dog(int weight, string name, string breed) : base(weight, name) { this.Breed = breed; } public override void Speak( ) { Console.WriteLine("Woof"); } public override void Move( ) { Console.WriteLine("Run, run, run, drool."); } public override string ToString( ) { return "My name is " + + ", I weigh " + this.weight + ", and I am a " + this.Breed; } } public class Cat : Animal { public Cat(int weight, string name) : base(weight, name) { } public override void Speak( ) { Console.WriteLine("Meow"); } public override void Move( ) { Console.WriteLine("Run, tumble, nap.");
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