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CloudStorageAccount = CloudStorageAccount.FromConfigurationSetting( DataConnectionString );
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Listing 5.14
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Purpose Open read-only. Open write-only. Open read/write.
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Heading back into Xcode, you only need to input a single line of new code to get the web view working, as shown in listing 12.2.
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[secondbuild]$ ant -quiet execute BUILD SUCCESSFUL Total time: 2 seconds
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A touching example: the event reporter
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When you re updating applications, you ll spend the most time updating your view frames. If you re an iPhone developer, you re probably so used to the 320 x 480 resolution that you have no problem hardcoding those numbers in your applications. Because you now have a 1024 x 768 interface, you must make your view sizes a little more dynamic. The best approach to resizing views is to make all of their sizes relative to the device size. That way, you can build for all devices without using compiler directives. You can obtain the size of the screen by using the following method call on UIScreen:
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Actual processing occurs when you request a record from orderedTitles. By processing I mean that each extension method is executed on the original Library data source in order, from left to right. For orderedTitles, the original Library data is reduced through the Select method, and then further modified by the OrderBy method. Having methods processed from left to right explains why the order of clauses such as Skip and Take is so important. The expression
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With that in hand, you should now be able to write simpler and more intuitive code.
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It s even easier to create a tab bar view controller using the existing tab bar template. Select Tab Bar Application when you create a new project. This template sets you up with a tab bar controller much like the one you just created by hand, except it does three additional things: The template defines the tab bar controller as an IBOutlet, giving the app delegate access to the object IBOutlet UITabBarController *tabBarController;. The template creates the view controller for the first window as part of a special FirstViewController class. You ll probably want to have an individual view controller class for each tab to take care of events on a per-page basis, but that s easy to change by adding class files and adjusting the Identity tab for the view controllers. For now, leave things as they are so that we can examine how to work with the default template setup. The template associates a second .xib file with the second view. It does this in a way you ve seen before: by defining a nib Name for the view controller inside Interface Builder. For the rest of this section, we ll assume that you re working with this prebuilt tab bar controller template as your tabex project. With a working tab bar controller in hand, you can begin programming multiple pages of screens.
Although certain situations do justify creating stateful services (e.g., e-commerce), you should avoid creating stateful services without close consideration of your situation s particular needs. Shopping cart applications specifically rely on a relatively large amount of conversational state to ensure a robust shopping experience. Indeed, we re willing to pay the price of managing shopping cart resources in return for lots of satisfied customers in the checkout line. However, if you do begin by building stateful services, you may add unnecessary complexity to other services added later. And, if you begin by creating stateless services, you can
Using iUI for web apps
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