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@Resource SessionContext context; ... TimerService timerService = context.getTimerService();
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Note that you first check for the availability of the Search plug-in, because you mustn t assume that the plug-in is installed in every PDF viewer. If the plug-in is missing, you use the app.alert() method to inform the end user that searching for directors won t work. This method is similar to the alert() method in plain JavaScript. The viewer application opens an alert box showing the String that is passed to the method.
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<class name="Bid" table="BID"> <id name="id" column="BID_ID"... <property name="amount" ... <properties name="successfulReference"> <property name="successful" column="SUCCESSFUL" type="true_false"/> ... <many-to-one name="item" class="Item" column="ITEM_ID"/> ... </properties> <many-to-one name="bidder" class="User" column="BIDDER_ID"/> ... </class>
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A build guru used to be a critical member of the project team, in charge of launching and integrating periodic builds. Today, tools and techniques have evolved to the point that a build guru is not necessary. Stating the case more strongly, you have an antipattern if your project needs a build guru or a specific IDE to perform the build. Everyone should be able to cook up the software, at any time and any reasonable location. Indeed, even a computer should be able to cook up the software on a scheduled interval without human intervention. Building code should be like breathing, as code is the lifeblood of the application. We once worked on a project developing software for medical insurance providers. Those familiar with the domain can tell you that the business logic here can be daunting. Our team developed the application using an IDE and had no single build file and, to top it off, the interdependencies were so rampant that we had to deploy the entire application to test a single component. The development process consisted of making a small change, then pointing and clicking, deploying each component separately. This process was far from ideal. First of all, being tied into a single IDE was not fun, especially for those of us who were more productive in other environments. Second, the build process took ten times longer than necessary. Needless to say, as the application got more complex, deadlines slipped more and more. The development time scaled linearly with the application size when it should have stayed constant. Moreover, the more components we had to deploy, the greater the odds were that we would slip up and the longer we were out of context. This made staying in the development zone difficult. We worked on another project for a credit card company. The build script consisted of a hodgepodge of shell scripts scattered throughout the source tree. No single build file existed. As each developer added a new component, a new build script was also added. This was nice while we were working on a single deployment because the build times were very fast, but the approach fell to pieces when it came time to deploy. Deploying to production was an all-day affair as we ensured that everything was built and deployed, frequently deploying multiple times before we got everything right.
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Of all these files, only two concern the Android application. We ll discuss them in the next section.
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translateX (variable) 128, 229 translateY (variable) 128, 220, 229 transparency against the desktop 8 triggers 60, 73, 78, 87, 92, 97, 102 103, 173, 297 assign to a sequence 75 TrueType (fonts) 162 TV profile 292
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{ Console.WriteLine("Nope, ValueOne: {0} is NOT larger than ValueTwo: {1}", valueOne, valueTwo); } } } }
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Very well done output and user interface. All projects are hyperlinked to their dependencies builds. The CVS update log is one click away. Project cross-references are extremely helpful in visualizing a complex set of interconnected projects.
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After all the fields have been created and populated, the complete JDOM document is returned to the caller, our session bean in this case. Listing 3.4 contains the implementation code for this data access object.
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Table 6-7. Visual Basic non-assignment operators (continued) Operator
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The hints you ve been setting so far are all related to Hibernate or JDBC handling. Many developers (and DBAs) consider a query hint to be something completely different. In SQL, a query hint is a comment in the SQL statement that contains an instruction for the SQL optimizer of the database management system. For example, if the developer or DBA thinks that the execution plan selected by the database optimizer for a particular SQL statement isn t the fastest, they use a hint to force a different execution plan. Hibernate and Java Persistence don t support arbitrary SQL hints with an API; you ll have to fall back to native SQL and write your own SQL statement you can of course execute that statement with the provided APIs. (With some database-management systems you can control the optimizer with an SQL comment at the beginning of an SQL statement; in that case, use Query.setComment() to add the hint. In other scenarios, you may be able to write an org.hibernate.Interceptor and manipulate an SQL statement in the onPrepareStatement(sql) method before it s sent to the database.) Finally, you can control whether a query should force a pessimistic lock in the database management system a lock that is held until the end of the database transaction:
Switch over to the code-behind for the Home page, Home.aspx.vb. Add the highlighted lines of code from Example 10-6 to the Page_Load event handler.
JavaFX Script code and structure
List of packages, wildcards OK packagenames="org.*,edu.*,com.*" One package, wildcards OK <package name="org.example.antbook.*"/> File listing the packages to packagelist="packages.txt" import. This is handed directly to the javadoc program using packages.txt= the @ command. org.example. org.example.antbook
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