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As you ve already seen, iBATIS allows you to manage transactions in various ways. If none of the provided transaction management approaches works for you, then there are a couple of options for managing transactions yourself. The first is by writing your own transaction manager using the iBATIS interfaces and then plugging it into the SQL Map configuration file. This approach is discussed in chapter 12. The second approach is to simply pass iBATIS a JDBC Connection instance to work with, thereby allowing you full control over the connection and transaction. There are two ways to pass a Connection instance to a SqlMapClient. The first is setUserConnection(Connection), which is shown in listing 7.6.
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if (prices[0] < prices[1]) { higherPrice = prices[1]; lowerPrice = prices[0]; currentHigher=false; } else {
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Code editors can do many things, arguably too many. A lot of it comes down to individual tastes. Some developers prefer a simple tool that processes text; others like the visual aids and cues of a full-blown IDE. When it comes to supporting Ajax code, in the form of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, there are a number of ways in which the editor can help us. Many of these may seem like overkill for the web content of a classic web app, but as the codebase of an Ajax application is typically much larger and more structured, support for that structuring becomes more critical. Here s a quick rundown of useful features to look for. Multiple file support This is a very basic requirement but worth noting anyway. Ajax projects will typically entail a large number of files, and an editor that cannot manage multiple files or buffers (such as Windows Notepad) will quickly become annoying. Nearly all coding editors support multiple files through tabbed panels, a selector panel, or something similar. Syntax highlighting This is a fairly basic feature nowadays and one that most programmer s editors will support. Syntax highlighting simply colors, italicizes, or otherwise marks language keywords, symbols, quoted strings, and code comments, making it easier to read a sequence of code. Most editors support syntax coloring for a range of languages, often with pluggable syntax definition files. The key issue for Ajax programming is that a variety of languages are typically used. There are HTML, CSS, XML, and JavaScript on the client side, all of which can benefit from syntax highlighting, and some or all of Java, C#, VB, and the more complex ASP, PHP, and JSP, in which blocks of HTML and code alternate with one another. Not all syntax-aware editors support the full range of languages in use in an Ajax project.
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public class Speaker implements Serializable { private List sessions = new ArrayList(); /** * @hibernate.list * @hibernate.collection-key column="speaker_id" * @hibernate.collection-index column="session_index" * @hibernate.collection-one-to-many class="com.manning.hq.apdxA.EventSession" */
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Write a program to determine and output to the screen the number of times the word the occurs in this string. There are a number of ways to address this exercise. One valid way is to use the IndexOf( ) method to determine the index of the first instance of the string the . That works fine, but IndexOf( )finds only the first instance of the string. To find the next instance, you ll need to use Substring( ) to cut off the beginning of the string you re searching, from the first character up to the first character after the word the. That s not actually too hard, because IndexOf( ) returns the index of the letter t in the, so IndexOf("the ") + 4 gives you the index of the first word after the. It s +4 instead of +3 because the search string includes a space that way, you ll find only instances of the word the, as opposed to the word these or thesaurus. Every time you
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If chkMyCheckBox.Checked = true Then txtMyTextBox.Text = "It's true!" Else txtMyTextBox.Text = "Not true!" End If
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12.5.3 Deciding to use XSLT
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process, team members always know the status of the current build, which helps you know whether the project is getting behind schedule. Feedback mechanisms will be presented in chapter 5. The next biggest risk is bugs. It s been shown that the later in the process you find a bug, the more costly it is to fix. Some estimates suggest that it costs as much as $4,000 to fix a single bug in internal, home-grown corporate web applications. In 2005, a well-known antivirus company had a bug in an update. That single bug caused customers to lose confidence in the antivirus software and forced the company to lower its quarterly income and revenue forecasts by $8 million. Do you want your company to experience similar costs One of the caveats of CI is that bugs are fixed as soon as they re reported. By integrating and testing the software with each build, you can identify and fix bugs earlier in the process. We ll discuss unit testing in chapter 6 and application testing in chapter 7. Have you considered how many different code paths exist in your application Have you tested each if/else combination How about every case of a switch statement In his book Testing Computer Software (John Wiley & Sons, 1999), Cem Kaner mentions a 20-line program written by G. J. Meyers that has 100 trillion paths. Code coverage is a methodology that checks which paths are tested and which aren t. A great thing about code coverage is that you can automate it in your CI process. It s impossible to test every combination; but the more you test, the fewer issues will be uncovered by your customers. Code coverage will also be presented in chapter 6. Another risk is database updates. It s never easy to add columns to a table or new tables to a database. With continuous database integration, you ll know that database changes work properly and without data loss. We ll discuss continuous database integration in more detail in chapter 11. Developers often hate coding and architectural standards, but they have a useful purpose: they ensure that the application follows best practices, which in turn makes the application perform better and makes it easier to maintain. Code reviews catch some of these issues; but because code reviews are a manual process, things are missed. Why not automate standards compliance as part of your CI process We ll cover code analysis in chapter 8. Comments are rarely put in code, and documentation is generated even less often. Many people say that if you re agile, you don t have documentation, but this isn t true. Agile says that you value working software over documentation. But some documentation is still needed, especially if you re creating assemblies for use by other developers. Here s another opportunity for automation in your CI process, and one that ll be covered in chapter 9. How do you know that your installation process works correctly There are few things that frustrate users more than when they can t install an application. Create and test the entire installation process in your CI system. We ll cover deployment and delivery in chapter 10.
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... </class> </hibernate-mapping>
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In any typical website, there s usually some element of static reference data in the system. This static reference data might never change or might change infrequently. Rather than continually querying for the same data from the database, storing the data in a cache can provide great performance benefits. A cache is a temporary, in-memory store that contains duplicated data populated from a persisted backing store, such as a database. Because the cache is an in-memory data store, retrieving data from the cache is fast (compared to database retrieval). Because a cache is an in-memory temporary store, if the host process or underlying hardware dies, the cached data is lost and the cache needs to be rebuilt from its persistent store. Never rely on data stored in a cache. You should always populate cache data from a persisted storage medium, such as Table storage, which allows you to persist back to that medium if the data isn t present in the cache. For small sets of static reference data, a copy of the cached data resides on each server instance. Because the data resides on the actual server, there s no latency with cross-server roundtrips, resulting in the fastest possible response time.
2: Building Web Applications
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Listing 4.14 Modified PropertyViewer constructor
planets.Planet=function (id,system,name,distance,diameter,image){ this.id=id; ... logger.append("created planet object '"+this.name+"'"); }
When using the iPhone for most purposes, you may note that it has a 480x320 screen that displays very clearly. This is not a far cry from the 640x480 video displays common on desktop computers in the late 1980s, albeit with more colors and crispness than those early EGA and VGA displays. Thus, as we mentioned when discussing the slower speeds of the wide-area network, we can again fall back on the lessons of the past when developing for the iPhone. The iPhone s display becomes interesting when it s used to view web pages, because the 480x320 display doesn t show web pages at that size. Instead, by default a user looks at a web page that has been rendered at a resolution of 980 pixels (with a few exceptions, as we ll note when talking about web development). In other words, it s as if users pulled a web browser up on their computer screen that was 980 pixels wide, and then scaled it down by a factor of either 2:1 or 3:1 depending on the orientation of the iPhone to display at either 480 or 320 pixels wide. This scaled view is what the iPhone calls a viewport. As you ll see, viewport size can be set by hand as part of a web page design, forcing a page to scale either more or less when it s translated onto the iPhone. However, for any web page without an explicit viewport command, the 980-pixel size is the default. Realizing that most pages will scale by a factor of at least two is vital to understanding how web pages will look on an iPhone. In short, everything will be really, really small. As a result, good web development for the iPhone depends on ensuring that words and pictures appear at a reasonable size despite the scaling. We ll talk about how to do that using the viewport command, CSS tricks, and other methods in chapter 3. And for SDK developers: note this is an issue for you as well, since the SDK s UIWebView class scales the screen just like mobile Safari does. We ll see the first example of this in chapter 11.
@NamedQuery( name = "findActiveCategory", query = "SELECT c FROM Category c WHERE c.status = Active", hints = {@QueryHint(name = "toplink.cache-usage", value = "CheckCacheOnly")} )
it is operating-system independent. This makes it somewhat of a special case: we can explore native code build techniques without having any platform-specific OS calls to worry about. This lets us explore how to build native code in Ant, and integrate it into a Java project, without going into the deep details of using JNI to bridge Java and native code. For that, we will refer you to Sun s documentation (Sun 2002, Liang 1999).
<filter-mapping> <filter-name>HeaderChecker</filter-name> <url-pattern>/ajax/data/*</url-pattern> </filter-mapping>
There may be times when we are forced to instantiate a Java object using a specific constructor to make it function the way we desire. The new syntax allows us to do just that. It can be used on any class, including JavaFX Script classes, although it is intended to be used only with Java classes, when the declarative syntax isn t sufficient.
As usual, we want some unit tests, too, but this time we don t need to write them we are going to make WSDL2Java do the work. The Axis utility will even generate JUnit test cases, one for each method, simply by setting the --testcase option. We do all this in a build file that is separate from the server and in a separate directory. We need nothing of the server other than its endpoint and the WSDL we can get from it. We will make Ant create the proxy classes and basic JUnit tests for us, and then we will write and execute the real tests and Java client. Figure 15.4 shows the process we will be implementing.
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