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A phone can be in any one of several conditions. The primary phone states include idle (waiting), in a call, or initiating a call. When you re building applications on a mobile device, sometimes you not only need to know the current phone state, but you also want to know when the state changes. In these cases, you can attach a listener to the phone and subscribe to receive notifications of published changes. With Android, you use a PhoneStateListener, which attaches to the phone through TelephonyManager. The following listing demonstrates a sample usage of both these classes.
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if (pd.length > 0){ returnValue.append("<" + name + ">"); for (int i = 0; i < pd.length; i++) { returnValue.append(getProp(o, pd[i])); } returnValue.append("</" + name + ">"); } else { returnValue.append("<" + name + "/>"); } } else { throw new ClassCastException("Class " + o.getClass().getName() + " is not compatible with " + sourceClass.getName()); } return returnValue.toString(); } private String getProp(Object o, PropertyDescriptor pd) throws Exception { StringBuffer propValue = new StringBuffer(""); Method m = pd.getReadMethod(); Object ret = m.invoke(o); if(null == ret){ propValue.append("<" + pd.getName() + "/>"); }else{ propValue.append("<" + pd.getName() + ">"); propValue.append(ret.toString()); propValue.append("</" + pd.getName() + ">"); } return propValue.toString(); } }
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INSERT SNIPPET Insert 10, Snippet Item 1.
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the same individual had booked the same room for two different slots, the two corresponding array elements would both refer to the same person.
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paths. You see lines connecting one circle to the next, as if the pencil never comes off the page, a topic we ll talk about more in the next section. Leaving aside those specifics for a moment, this shows one of the two ways you can use all the Quartz functions described in this chapter: by painting a UIView. And remember that a UIView can be almost any UIKit object, due to inheritance. Drawing to a UIView allows for on-screen picture creation, but you can also draw pictures without displaying them immediately. That s done with a bitmap.
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Two primary problems can occur when the controller component (like the servlet we just described) accesses business objects, such as
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Although we re defining a method for each operation, ultimately the contract defines what messages can go in and out of the service. To invoke an operation, a client will need to send a message to the server over the network. When you add a method marked with OperationCon tract to an interface marked with ServiceContract, you are really defining the logical structure of the message that will be sent to invoke that operation, and also of the message that will be sent back to the client when the operation is complete. WCF lets you represent these message formats as method signatures because it s a convenient abstraction for developers. WCF supports other ways of defining message formats you can write a contract in WSDL, the Web Service Definition Language, and then generate types from that. This approach is beyond the scope of this book.
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Luke: inside look into Lucene indexes
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' ----- Generate and display the report. ReportContent.SetDisplayMode( _ Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.DisplayMode.PrintLayout) ReportContent.ZoomMode = _ Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ZoomMode.Percent ReportContent.ZoomPercent = 100
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Create the following class in your application:
<generator class="native"/> </id> <any name="paymentDetails" id-type="long" meta-type="java.lang.Class"> <column name="payment_id" /> <column name="table_name" /> </any> </class>
This query examines all incoming source records in the Library collection and includes a source object in the results only if it has a page count of 1,000 or more. Where clauses can be complex, with multiple criteria joined with And and Or keywords, and grouped with parentheses.
Listing 9.6 Deleting the BLOB
As you read the chapters in this book, these benefits will become increasingly apparent. For now, we ll briefly look at the underlying pattern the framework is based on. Why MVC Where did it come from
In listing 3.16, you filled a ColumnText object with all the movie information that is present in the movie database. Then you rendered all that content until the ColumnText object had no more data. There are 120 movies in the database, so at some point you have a ColumnText object that contains 120 Phrase objects. Maybe it s better to invoke go() more frequently to avoid the memory building up in the ColumnText object.
323 Extend abstract helper class
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