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<html> <head><title>Your Watch List</title></head> <body> <h1>Your Stock Price Watch List</h1> <h3> Hello, <xsl:value-of select="/customer[@first-name]"/>! </h3> <h3> Here are the latest price quotes for your watch list stocks. </h3> <p><i> Price quotes were obtained at <xsl:value-of select="/quote-list[@time]"/> on <xsl:value-of select="/quote-list[@date]"/> </i></p> <table cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" border="1"> <tr> <th>Stock Symbol</th> <th>Company Name</th> <th>Last Price</th>
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<class name="com.manning.hq.apdxA.Location" table="locations"> <set name="events"> <key column="location_id"/> <one-to-many class="com.manning.hq.apdxA.Event"/> </set> </class>
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As you can see, this file has been updated with the values I typed into the Assembly Information form. Thank you Visual Studio! You see the AssemblyVersion attribute defined here. If you modify these values, the changes will be reflected in the Assembly Information form, and also in your running application and final compiled assembly.
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The first two relate to the Interpreter pattern (discussed next). Useful classes are:
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8.5 Idioms
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Introducing Android
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What happens if we just add that function to our FireChief and compile and run Well, it compiles, but when we run it, it still says:
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@Stateless @TransactionManagement(TransactionManagementType.CONTAINER) public class OrderManagerBean { Uses CMT Injects EJB context @Resource private SessionContext context; ... @TransactionAttribute(TransactionAttributeType.REQUIRED) public void placeSnagItOrder(Item item, Customer customer){ try { Defines Transaction if (!bidsExisting(item)){ attribute for method validateCredit(customer); chargeCustomer(customer, item); removeItemFromBidding(item); } } catch (CreditValidationException cve) { context.setRollbackOnly(); } catch (CreditProcessingException cpe){ Rolls back on context.setRollbackOnly(); exception } catch (DatabaseException de) { context.setRollbackOnly(); } } }
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<session-factory> ... <event type="load">
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Notice that this is a generic method the method itself takes a type argument, called TSource here, and passes that through as the type argument T for the first parameter s IEnumerable<T>. The result is that this method extends IEnumerable<T>, whatever T may be. In other words, as long as the System.Linq namespace is in scope, all IEnumera ble<T> implementations appear to offer a Where method.
than description. It won t be used at all while processing the controller action. The final URL could look like this:
Check for updates This section was written originally against JavaFX 1.1 and then updated for the 1.2 release. Although the latter saw the debut of the controls library, at the time of writing much of the details on how skins and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) support works is still largely undocumented. The material in this section is largely based on what little information there is, plus lots of investigation. Sources close to the JavaFX team have hinted that, broadly speaking, the techniques laid out in the following pages are correct. However, readers are urged to search out fresh information that may have emerged since this chapter was written, particularly official tutorials, or best practice guides for writing skins.
Each record contains the symbol for the investment and up to two sets of integers for the dollars and cents of each price quote (current and possibly historical price). The current and historical prices are extracted from the record and returned in an integer array. If the investment has only one price stored for it, then the array returned contains two integers; the dollar and cents of the currently known price for the investment. If a historical price is also known for the investment, the integer array will have four numbers representing the current dollars and cents price as well as the historical dollars and cents price respectively. Retrofitting the canvas display The RetrieveQuoteMIDlet and its canvas display object currently only depict the dollar value portion of the investment prices. So after the prices are retrieved, the array is checked for two (indicating only a current investment price is available) or four integers have been obtained from the record store. While the retrievePrices() method returns dollars and cents, the size of the graphical user interface is limited and so only the dollar parts of the price are depicted in the comparison bar charts. Both current and historical dollar prices are required in order to display the
facilitating bean lookup with a utility object 58 FIFO 205 <fileset > 37, 282 filtering messages for a messagedriven EJB 219 findByPortfolioName 96 findByPrimaryKey 96 finder methods 95 EJB-QL 111 findHighPriced 112 findHighPricedLowPE 112 finding a remote EJB 6 finding the identity and role of the caller inside an EJB method 231 forcing rollbacks before method completion 172, 175, 177, 180, 185, 189 formatting log messages 251 FROM 114
The next query returns all items with bids greater than 100:
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