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To insert a new entity into the Products table in the silverlightukstorage storage account, you d use the following URI:
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Element/Attribute Name name target-entity cascade fetch optional mapped-by join-column join-table primary-key-join-column Description Name of the association field. Entity class being joined. Specifies the cascade type for the associated entities. Specifies the fetch type, i.e., LAZY or EAGER. Specifies whether the relationship is optional. Designates the owner of the relationship. Defines join column. Specifies the association table if any. Defines join column if joined by the primary key.
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package org.jboss.ejb3.examples.ch04.firstejb; /** * Remote business interface for the CalculatorEJB * * @author <a href="">ALR</a>
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Figure 14.2 The classes and XML files that <ejbdoclet> can create from @ejb tags
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10.1.1 Synchronous clustering
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5.13 Propagating a transaction to a nonEJB class
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The focus of this section is testing controllers. Of the different types of automated testing, we re concerned with only one type at this point: unit testing. Unit tests are small, scripted tests, usually written in the same language as the production code. They set up and exercise a single component s function. Unit tests run quickly because they don t call out-of-process. In a unit test, dependencies are simulated, so the only production code running is the controller code. For this to be possible, the controllers have to be well designed. A well-designed controller
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// Copy return new URL(url.toExternalForm());
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Create content pages for Bermuda and Maui with simple sample text, both of which use SunMaster.master as their master page. Create content pages for St. Moritz and Vail with simple sample text, both of which use SnowMaster.master as their master page. Now you ve got a fully functional web site that changes its content depending on where the user wants to go, but maintains brand identity. If this were a real site, of course, you d use style sheets to jazz up the content, add your company logo, and such. And of course, you d also have real content on the destination pages. You can imagine that you d probably have a link in the footers to your honeymoon and ski vacation packages that would take the user to the appropriate pages. Exercise 6-2. Copy Exercise 6-1 to a new web site, Exercise 6-2. Open AjaxTravel. master, and add some text underneath the <h1>. Type Welcome, and then drag a Label onto the page after the text. Name the label lblName, and change its Text property to Guest. Then add an exclamation point. If you run the site now, you ll see that each page says Welcome, Guest! You need AjaxTravel.master to implement a public property to display the label, so open AjaxTravel.master.vb, and enter the following code:
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This should not change the MIDlet. The only difference is that we are now running the application from a JAR file. If the emulator cannot find the class, then either the JAR file is not valid or there may be something wrong with the classpath. 4.2.8 Developing MIDlet suites Multiple MIDlets can be grouped and deployed as a unit using a MIDlet suite. A MIDlet suite is composed of a JAR file containing all the MIDlets and supporting classes and an application descriptor file. The application descriptor file is a text file containing information about the MIDlet suite, such as the names of the MIDlets, the location of the JAR file, vendor information, etc. Application descriptor files have the extension jad and provide the device, and in some cases a server environment, with information about the MIDlet suite so it can be run over a network or installed physically on the device. Deploying MIDlets as part of a suite has some advantages over deploying the MIDlets individually. The most significant advantage is that MIDlets in a suite can share resources such as data stored on the device. For example, within an MIDP implementation, records are stored in a device-dependent area that is not directly accessible by the Java APIs. This data storage area is controlled at the MIDlet level. Within a MIDlet suite however, all MIDlets can share record stores and create multiple, uniquely named, record stores. In addition to the ability to share resources, MIDlet suites are deployed using JAR files. As mentioned previously this can allow the client to be more efficient when downloading the application. To better understand dealing with MIDlet suites, we are going to need more than one MIDlet. For simplicity, make a copy of HiSmallWorld, giving it the incredibly innovative name of HiSmallWorld2 and change the output string to read Hi Small World2 . Once this is done, compile and preverify the new HiSmallWorld2 class.
Encrypted DeleteOnClose
Listing 12.2 Simple JavaScript file
Figure 2.10 When creating a new SVN repository, you can optionally create a structure for the trunk, branches, and tags.
Using Interface Builder
Something else to note is that the computer graphics business often uses the acronym CGI for Computer Graphics and Imaging. This has, of course, nothing to do with the Common Gateway Interface as discussed in chapter 6.
Figure B-12. After you ve copied the web site, both project folders should show the same contents.
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