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In our opinion, the Ant User s Manual ( is one of the best examples of great documentation, which in many open-source projects tends to be fairly poor. What makes it so useful is that in addition to displaying the available parameters and tasks, it gives working examples for each task, which you can easily copy and modify.
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session.createQuery("from User as u where u.username = :name") .setString("name", null) .list();
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <account-authenticator xmlns:android=" android" android:accountType= Type advertised for "com.manning.unlockingandroid.linkedin" synchronization android:icon="@drawable/icon" android:smallIcon="@drawable/icon" android:label="@string/app_name" />
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<healthMonitoring enabled="true"> <providers> <add name="MySmsProvider" type="SmsWebEventProvider,SmsWebEventProvider" /> </providers> </healthMonitoring>
public override EditorPartCollection CreateEditorParts() { FavoritesEditorPart editorPart = new FavoritesEditorPart(); editorPart.ID = this.ID + "_addLinkPart"; editorPart.Title = "Add New Link";
<mapper type="identity"/>
Example 11-1 shows the ListBox class inheriting from Control, and demonstrates all the features we just talked about. Note that although Control and ListBox are the names of legitimate Windows classes, that s not what we re showing you here. These are custom classes with familiar names to help you understand the inheritance relationship.
Name()); /** * EJB Name */ static final String NAME = "TwitterUpdateMdb"; //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Constructors ------------------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Creates a new instance, required as no-arg ctor by specification */ public TwitterUpdateMdb() { } //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Instance Members --------------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Underlying client used in updating Twitter by calling upon its API */ private Twitter client; //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Lifecycle ---------------------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * Lifecycle start to create the Twitter client from supplied environment properties, * if the environment has been configured to do so */ @PostConstruct void createTwitterClient() { if (!EnvironmentSpecificTwitterClientUtil.isSupportedEnvironment()) { log.warning(EnvironmentSpecificTwitterClientUtil.MSG_UNSUPPORTED_ ENVIRONMENT); return; } // Create the client client = EnvironmentSpecificTwitterClientUtil.getTwitterClient();"Created Twitter client " + client);
Just like a reference to a local Web Service, this action provides you with a clientside proxy to the bridge file. The call to perform a search can now be executed as easily as a call to a local service:
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