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We ve discussed at length the nature of the relationship between the widget identifier and the widget data as defined and managed in the SiteMonitorModel class. There are a number of places in the application where a widget identifier is available and the code needs to check for the presence of legitimate data. One example of this is the
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15: Strings
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Introducing and integrating Hibernate
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One way to understand the difference between a class and an instance (object) is to consider the distinction between the type int and a variable of type int. You can t assign a value to a type:
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Declares bulleted list List header
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C# 3.0 added query expressions to the language these look superficially similar to SQL queries in some respects, but they do not necessarily involve a database. For example, we could use the data returned by the GetAllFilesInDirectory code from the preceding chapter, reproduced here in Example 8-1. This returns an IEnumera ble<string> containing the filenames of all the files found by recursively searching the
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The real Enigma didn t have a paper output. The machines were designed to be carried at the frontline of a battle, and their rotor mechanics and battery were bulky enough without adding a stationery cupboard full of paper and ink ribbons. But we ve moved on a little in the 80-plus years since the Enigma was first developed, and while a 1200 dpi laser printer might be stretching credibility a little too far, we can at least give our emulator a period teletype display. The code is in listing 9.9. draw barcode 39 crystal reports
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Get pdus from Intent Bundle Create SmsMessage from pdus
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The color variable controls the line color (obviously!), while lineLength and lineThickness control the size of the lines. Since we ll be manipulating color throughout the run of the application, it has been made package visible, and its reference in the scene graph is bound. The antiClockwise flag determines the direction of animation, while baseAngle controls how the lines are initially oriented (the first line doesn t have to start at 0 degrees). The numLines determines how many lines form the ring; they will be evenly spaced around the total 360 degrees. The rotateDuration attribute controls how long it takes for the ring to perform one animation cycle. If there are 16 lines, this will be the time it takes to animate through one-sixteenth of a total 360-degree revolution. centerRadius details the empty space between the rotation center and the inner end of each line in other words, how far away from the hub the lines are positioned.
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public SimpleHTMLFormatter() { this.preTag = "<B>"; this.postTag = "</B>"; }
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to instance methods (where a specific instance object acts in some way). As you ll see, this is the case with Objective-C. Figure 9.1 combines many of the ideas that we ve talked about so far into a single diagram using a vegetative example.
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' ----- Prompt for the database connection details. Dim newConnection As String ' ----- Prompt the user for the new setting. newConnection = LocateDatabase.PromptUser( ) If (newConnection = "") Then Return ' ----- Store the new value. LibraryConnection = newConnection RecordDBLocation.Text = GetDBDisplayText(LibraryConnection)
code from the ItemBean generates a finder method for the bean s home and local home interface:
Suppose you have three layers, one with the word dog , one with the word tiger , and one with the word lion . Next, define a membership with the word cat that is visible only if either of the words tiger or lion are visible, and a membership with the words no cat if none of these words are visible. This can be achieved with this code.
Listing 16.1 cruisecontrol.xml
top market research consulting firms, including Gartner, Giga, and Forrester, all agree that the tools battle will play a crucial role in the future of J2EE both in terms of J2EE s relationship to .NET and in terms of the relative positions of the players within the J2EE space. However, for the most part, these tools merely automate a portion of EJB s tedious development. With few exceptions, they do not address the more fundamental differences between EJB development and J2EE development without EJB. For example, the use of threads is not allowed in the EJB specification. You can t get around that fact, no matter what tool you choose. For all practical purposes, the EJB specification does not have a concept of component inheritance an EmployeeEJB entity bean cannot extend the PersonEJB entity bean (except in a language convenience manner). Nor can you change the fact that remote interfaces to EJB use pass-by-value semantics.1 These and other fundamental restrictions in the EJB specification make it important that a team working on EJB development knows the specification very well. In general, a team should understand the following:
Because the ScriptMode property is set to Release, the script file loaded in the page is MyScriptFile.js. If you set the value of the property to Debug, the MyScriptFile.debug.js file is loaded.
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