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An if statement is a selection statement that decides whether to execute a particular piece of code based on the value of an expression. We can use this to show a low-fuel warning by adding the code in Example 2-9 at the end of our example s Main method. Most of the code performs calculations in preparation for making the decision. The if statement toward the end of the example makes the decision it decides whether to execute the block of code enclosed in braces.
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Here, you extend the built-in Date object with a now method that you can use to retrieve the current date and time. The now method is invoked directly on the Date type rather than on an instance:
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Listing 1.2 Welcome.htm
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the state of the object. The class element has a number of attributes available, altering how Hibernate persists instances of the class. (Appendix contains all the elements and attributes for each element available in a mapping document.)
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Garamond Bold (3; 1; 1033) Garamond Gras (3; 1; 1036) Garamond Vet (3; 1; 1043)
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private Long getBidId() { ... } public void cancelBid(Bid bid) {...} public List<Bid> getBids(Item item) {...} ... } Designates remote ... business interface @Remote public interface BidManager { void addBid(Bid bid); void cancelBid(Bid bid); List<Bid> getBids(Item item); }
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GD is written and maintained by Lincoln Stein and provides an object-oriented interface to Thomas Boutell s C library libgd. It offers a simple, but reasonably powerful and fast, drawing interface for bitmaps. Recent versions of GD can work with PNG, JPEG, XBM, WBMP (Windows bitmap), and a native file format. Older versions (before 1.20) used to work with the GIF format, which explains why the internal GD image format has much in common with GIF. You will find several references in this book to the shortcomings of GD where color is concerned; as such, GD only supports palettes of up to 256 colors. However, since it is an interface to libgd, and a new version of libgd that supports true color images currently is in beta, I suspect that the next major release of GD will do this as well. This new version most likely will be released with a version number of 2.0.
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Listing 8.28 TestRecursion.java
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javax.naming.Context; javax.naming.InitialContext; javax.persistence.EmbeddedId; javax.persistence.EntityManager; javax.persistence.GeneratedValue; javax.persistence.IdClass; javax.persistence.criteria.CriteriaBuilder; javax.persistence.criteria.CriteriaQuery; javax.persistence.criteria.Root;
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Simple Queries
You can use the <summary> tag for various parts of your code: classes
String[] EXPORTVALUES = { "EN", "DE", "FR", "ES", "NL" };
This query is inefficient it uses an entirely unnecessary join. A better, more elegant solution is to use a collection filter a special query that can be applied to a persistent collection (or array). It s commonly used to further restrict or order a result. You apply it on an already loaded Item and its collection of bids:
Once you ve identified a compatible computing environment, it s time to obtain and install the development tools. We ll start with the Eclipse IDE.
Listing 11.4 Default interceptor setting in ejb-jar.xml
CloudStorageAccount.FromConfigurationSetting will work with both Windows Azure ConfigurationSettings and regular .NET application settings.
The result of bringing these technologies together is nothing new. Techniques for asynchronous loading of content on the Web can be dated as far back as Internet Explorer 3 (also known as the Jurassic years of web development) with the introduction of the IFRAME element. Shortly after, the release of Internet Explorer 5 introduced the XMLHttpRequest ActiveX object, which made possible the exchange of data between the client and server through web browser scripting languages.
Client A
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