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If you want to maintain backward compatibility with local EJB 2 clients, then you can use the @LocalHome annotation. You must remember that you can t use the @javax.ejb.LocalHome and @javax.ejb.RemoteHome annotations in the home interfaces but only in the bean classes. This concludes our discussion on migrating session beans. There s not much to it, is there Let s now move to a discussion on migrating MDBs before we jump into more complex migration tasks involving CMP entity beans.
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Moreover, application servers allow you to explicitly specify a global JNDI name using the mappedName parameter of the @Resource annotation. For example, if you re using the JBoss Application Server and you have a data source with a global JNDI name of java:/DefaultDS, you can specify the resource mapping as follows:
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Listing 18.9 Examining a potentially dangerous typo
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Same as SC but also supports Pattern, Separation, DeviceN, and ICCBased color spaces. It s used in the methods setColorFill(PdfSpotColor sp, float tint), setPatternFill(PdfPatternPainter p),
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First we create the naming Context, using a standard jndi.properties file that we assume to be present on the classpath. The JNDI properties to be used are vendor-specific, so by pulling these out into a separate file, our test remains portable across EJB implementations. From there, we obtain the business proxy by performing a simple JNDI lookup upon the portable Global JNDI name. Let s define a central point to perform assertions within our tests:
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We discussed the notion of an application transaction in chapter 5, section 5.2, Working with application transactions. We also discussed how Hibernate helps detect conflicts between concurrent application transactions using managed versioning. We didn t discuss how application transactions are used in Hibernate applications, so we now return to this essential subject. There are three ways to implement application transactions in an application that uses Hibernate: using a long session, using detached objects, and doing it the hard way. We ll start with the hard way, since if you ve been using EJB entity beans, the hard way is what you re already familiar with. First, we need a use case to illustrate these ideas.
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Figure 2.8 JAXP architecture
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hbm2java supports two options: output sets the directory for generated code, and config can be used to set a configuration file. Each mapping file that should be
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The enhanced Ajax web portal
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Figure 6.1 Logical steps applied during a Hibernate Search query
The effect of the new code shown in Example 9-10 is that you check whether the
The where clause checks for the employees in region 1, and the three join clauses chain back up to the Employees table, where you select the first and last name fields. The full code for this exercise is found in Example A-61.
The notion of a parent and a child implies that one takes care of the other. In practice, this means you need fewer lines of code to manage a relationship between a parent and a child, because some things can be taken care of automatically. Let s explore the options. The following code creates a new Item (which we consider the parent) and a new Bid instance (the child):
int[] myIntArray;
Listing 16.13 KubrickCollection.java (continued)
You want to set a timeout value for your transactions.
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