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select l from Location l where l.address.city in ('Miami', 'London', 'Tokyo');
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1. Wakeup call 2. Quick notify 3. Wake up slowly Dave 4. Stare out of
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2. RegisterExtenderControl(this, targetControl);
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For the purpose of the sample application, we will use a MySQL database. The iBATIS framework works with any database, as long as it has a JDBC-compliant driver. You simply need to supply a driver class name and a JDBC URL in the configuration. Setting up a database server is beyond the scope of this book, so we will only provide you with what you need to do on the assumption that the database is already set up and functional. Here is the MySQL script that creates the table we will use and adds some sample data to it:
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Photo inherits from System.Windows.Forms so that it can be displayed. The constructor sets up the Drawer method as the target of the PaintEventHandler that will be called when the Form is activated by a Main method. In C#, a call to Application.Run will start up a window in this way, so a basic client can look like this:
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The web: web views and internet protocols
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examples of working with Intent objects in chapter 3. In this chapter, we ll look more closely at the contents of an Intent and how it matches with an IntentFilter. The RestaurantFinder app will use these concepts to display a variety of screens. After you complete the RestaurantFinder application, we ll move on to WeatherReporter. WeatherReporter will use the Yahoo! Weather API to retrieve weather data and alerts and show them to the user. Along the way, you ll see how an Intent can request work outside your UI by using a BroadcastReceiver and a Service. A BroadcastReceiver catches broadcasts sent to any number of interested receivers. Services also begin with an Intent, but work in background processes rather than UI screens. Finally, we ll examine the mechanism for making interprocess communication (IPC) possible using Binder objects and AIDL. Android provides a high-performance way for different processes to pass messages among themselves. All these mechanisms require the use of Intent objects, so we ll begin by looking at the details of this class.
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As powerful as the HtmlHelper extensions for strongly typed views can be, we still introduce quite a bit of duplication in our views if we rely solely on these extensions for generating HTML. For example, if every input element requires a corresponding label, why not always include it Every user interface is different, so the MVC team can t predict the layout everyone wants to use for input and label elements. Instead, we can take advantage of a new feature in ASP.NET MVC 2 templates to enforce a standardized approach to generating HTML.
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If you compare this with the collection mappings earlier in this chapter, you see that you map the content of the collection with a different element, <one-tomany>. This indicates that the collection contains not value type instances, but references to entity instances. Hibernate now knows how to treat shared references and the lifecycle of the associated objects (it disables all the implicit dependent lifecycle of value type instances). Hibernate also knows that the table used for the collection is the same table the target entity class is mapped to the <set> mapping needs no table attribute. The column mapping defined by the <key> element is the foreign key column ITEM_ID of the BID table, the same column you already mapped on the other side of the relationship. Note that the table schema didn t change; it s the same as it was before you mapped the many side of the association. There is, however, one difference: The not null="true" attribute is missing. The problem is that you now have two different unidirectional associations mapped to the same foreign key column. What side controls that column At runtime, there are two different in-memory representations of the same foreign key value: the item property of Bid and an element of the bids collection held by an Item. Suppose the application modifies the association, by, for example, adding a bid to an item in this fragment of the addBid() method:
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This HTML snippet includes a viewport meta tag, specifying that the viewport s width should match the width of the device. A CSS file is included named corestuff.css B. Regardless of the platform, this file contains required classes and styles related to the application. Using this approach, the web application includes a style sheet aimed at more than one target platform. This enables you to have a more deterministic impact on the behavior on a particular device, leaving less to chance. Your primary content hasn t changed remember, you re still targeting a universal website but keeping mobile users in mind. Clearly, more work is being done here, as various stylistic elements have been extracted into platform-specific files. As such you re taking taken a measured step down the continuum toward a made-for-mobile site. If the user agent string contains the word Android C, the code loads the user-supplied android.css style sheet. If the user agent isn t from an Android device, the code loads a style sheet named desktop.css. Additional conditional statements may be included here for other mobile platforms, such as the iPhone or BlackBerry. User agent strings contain a considerable amount of information, though just how much of it is useful and trustworthy is a topic of debate. For example, it s not uncommon for a hacker to write code to programmatically bombard a target website and in the process craft a user agent that masquerades as a particular kind of browser. Some versions of websites are more secure than others. A user agent value is easy to forge, and although the security implications aren t expressly of concern to us in this discussion, it s something to keep in mind. The user string has so much data that you have to do a bit of homework to interpret it properly. Some JavaScript libraries can aid in this process, but ultimately it may not be the best approach. There s another way: the media query.
If you don t have a copy of the project from chapter 5, you can grab from the chapter 5 folder which is located in the resources website for this book.
private Command exitCommand;= null;
hibernate.connection.datasource = java:/MyDatasource hibernate.transaction.factory_class = \ org.hibernate.transaction.JTATransactionFactory hibernate.transaction.manager_lookup_class = \ org.hibernate.transaction.JBossTransactionManagerLookup hibernate.dialect = org.hibernate.dialect.PostgreSQLDialect hibernate.session_factory_name = java:/hibernate/MySessionFactory hibernate.jndi.class = com.sun.jndi.fscontext.RefFSContextFactory hibernate.jndi.url = file:/auction/jndi
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