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This results in the following output:
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But this code repeats itself it creates a FileInfo object in the where clause and then creates another one in the select clause. We can avoid this repetition with a let clause:
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<entity class="auction.model.Item" access="FIELD"> <attributes> ... <basic name="startDate"> <column nullable="false" updatable="false"/> <temporal>TIMESTAMP</temporal> </basic> </attributes> </entity>
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588 | Appendix F: Java Persistence APIs: Employee Registry Example
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If you try the sample tableex application that you ve been building throughout section 5.3, you ll see that individual elements in a table view can be selected. In table 5.7, you saw that some properties apply explicitly to selected cells. For example, the following maintains the color of your text when it s selected, rather than changing it to white, as per the default:
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data exchange interaction styles 174 client-only 175 content-centric 178 data-centric 188 script-centric 182 data freshness, notification 241 database normalizing 96 tables for windows 439 data-centric interaction 188 data-marshaling 463 DBUtil object 452 db access 432 interface to DB 442 deadlock, in a GUI 214 debugger evaluating expressions 574 types 572 default values, providing reasonable 393 degradation path for non-Ajax systems 434 DELETE, HTTP method 60 dereference a variable 303 description element, in RSS feed 509 design pattern Adapter defined 79 architectural 91 Attach Backing Object To DOM Node 613 backing object 141 Command 85, 173 JS function objects in 85 Create Always 310 Create If Not Exists 310
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Together these enable a developer to customize the build, to store output in new locations, to compile with a different compiler, and to deploy using a different username and password the kind of thing that becomes ever more important as projects grow and more people work on them. 9.5.5 Sharing targets with XML file fragments Because XML inclusion pulls arbitrary text into the master build file, you can use it to include any fragment of a build file. Classpath declarations are an obvious option, as are <taskdef> declarations to import new Ant tasks into the build file (which we will cover in chapter 10). You can even include common targets, provided the targets are identical across all projects that use them. We use the technique of sharing common targets across all build files by referencing a targets.xml entity in all our projects:
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Imagining Images
[myButton setTitle:@"Goodbye" forState:UIControlStateNormal];
Recall that although JPA entities contain ORM configuration, they do not persist themselves. As you ll see in the actual code solutions, the business-tier components have to use the JPA EntityManager API to add, delete, update, and retrieve entities as needed. If your mental picture matches up with figure 2.3 pretty closely, it is likely the code we are going to present next will seem intuitive too, even though you don t know EJB 3. In the following sections, we explore each of the EJB 3 component types using our scenario. Without further ado, we can now begin our whirlwind tour of EJB 3 component types, starting with the session beans in the business-logic tier.
Listing 8.3 Buttons.java
Section 6.8
Finally, keep functionality in mind. Don t make your application entirely dependent on in-app purchases. Be sure to offer some value for the users who download it and choose not to purchase your products. Make sure you structure your store in such a way that it adds to your application rather than being the focus of it. In the next and final chapter, we ll discuss some of the API enhancements going forward.
Simplifying persistence with Seam
To test whether you understand the Adapter pattern, cover the lefthand column of the table below and see if you can identify its players among the items from the illustrative example (Figure 4-1), as shown in the righthand column. Then check your answers against the lefthand column.
Properties window
19.4.1 User interface layout
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