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/** * {@link PrivilegedAction} to access a system property * * * @author <a href="">ALR</a> * @version $Revision: $ */ private static class GetSystemPropertyAction implements PrivilegedAction<String> { /** * Name of the sysprop to get */ private String sysPropName; /** * Creates a new instance capable of obtaining the specified system property by name * @param sysPropName */ public GetSystemPropertyAction(final String sysPropName) { this.sysPropName = sysPropName; }
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If we want to print out all employee information, including their phone numbers, usually we would just query for all employees and then traverse the getPhones() method inside a for loop:
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For example:
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Many of the concepts used throughout this book, and any book on programming, are actually metaphors. We get so used to the metaphors that we forget they are metaphors. You are used to talking about a window in your program, but of course there is no such thing; there is just a rectangle with text and images in it. It looks like a window into your document, so we call it a window. Of course, you don t actually have a document either, just bits in memory. No folders, no buttons these are all just metaphors. There are many levels to these metaphors. When you see a window on the screen, the window metaphor is enhanced by an image drawn on your monitor. That image is created by lighting tiny dots, called pixels. These pixels are lit in response to instructions written in your C# program. Each C# instruction is itself a metaphor; there is just a series of 1s and 0s. Of course, the 1s and 0s are just metaphors for electricity in wires. Of course, electricity is a metaphor, as are electrons, as is quantum physics. You get the idea. Good metaphors can be very powerful. The art of object-oriented programming is really the art of conceiving good metaphors to simplify solving complex problems.
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8: Errors, Exceptions, and Bugs, Oh My!
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In Figure 5-3, the summary of validation errors is presented as a bulleted list. This is the default display mode. Messages can also be displayed as a simple list or a single paragraph, by setting the DisplayMode property of the ValidationSummary to BulletList, List, or SingleParagraph, respectively.
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Figure 14.8 Combining JFreeChart and iText
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sizeDropDown.DataSource = (IEnumerable<SizeType>)Cache["sizeTypes" ]; sizeDropDown.DataTextField = "RowKey"; sizeDropDown.DataValueField = "SizeCode"; sizeDropDown.DataBind();
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ASP.NET AJAX architecture
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What does this tell us Well, it shows that the library is loading (testClockCallReturns), and that repeated calls increment the counter (testClockCodeWorks), so the assembler code is working. We can also see that the first test took 0.221 seconds, which must be the time to load the Java classes and the DLL; this is the overhead of loading a library. The second test takes 761 cycles, on a par with the 600-cycle, round-trip time for a Windows NT Ring Zero API call from a Win32 application. The round-trip time after optimization drops to 151 cycles, which is a more acceptable number.1 We can now consider using this library to time the execution of routines in our application.
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Part 2 Extend it
Listing 4.5 shows that the success path is determined by the call to the ModelState.IsValid property B. The model binder translates the form post data into the UserInput object and also populates the ModelState object with metadata about the data type validation of the object. When all of the validation passes, the IsValid property is true. In this case, the UpdateUserFromInput method is called. The UpdateUserFromInput method updates the User object from the input model. Once the update occurs, a success message is put into TempData. TempData allows transient data to be passed between two consecutive requests to the web server. After the user has been redirected to the next action, the contents of TempData will be available to display to the user. The last line of code in the success path C returns a RedirectToRouteResult in order to redirect the user back to the Index action. This approach keeps the action simple and concise.
An enterprise bean schedules itself for a timed notification using a reference to the TimerService, which can be obtained from the EJBContext or injected directly into your bean using the @javax.annotation.Resource annotation. The TimerService allows a
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