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Note that with decreasing strictness comes increasing performance. You have to carefully evaluate the performance of a clustered cache with full transaction isolation before using it in production. In many cases, you might be better off disabling the second-level cache for a particular class if stale data isn t an option. First benchmark your application with the second-level cache disabled. Then enable it for good candidate classes, one at a time, while continuously testing the performance of your system and evaluating concurrency strategies.
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At this point, you can build the physical connection from your object in Interface Builder to the IBOutlet in your Xcode. You start this process by bringing up the Connections tab for the object you want to connect: in this case, a web view. Each web view built in Interface Builder comes with five potential connections built in. You can automatically define your web view s delegate in Interface Builder by creating a connection. You can also connect up a few actions a topic we ll return to shortly. For now, you want to connect the object to Xcode. You do that by clicking the New Referencing Outlet circle in the object and then dragging a line to the top-level object that holds your new IBOutlet statement. In this case, you drag a connection from the web view to the app-delegate proxy. If the toplevel object has IBOutlets that are waiting to accept connections, it is highlighted as shown in figure 12.8.
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You have to migrate both dynamic and named queries from any vendorspecific query language to use JPQL. For instance, if you are using JDO for O/R mapping and you have the following code using JDO QL:
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net.ContentLoader.onReadyState=function(){ if(window.netscape && .PrivilegeManager.enablePrivilege) .enablePrivilege(' UniversalBrowserRead');
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4.9 Creating asynchronous behavior for an EJB client 4.10 Creating asynchronous behavior without message-driven beans 4.11 Insulating an EJB from service class implementations
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Find duplicate files ==================== Looks for possible duplicate files in one or more directories Usage: findduplicatefiles [/sub] DirectoryName [DirectoryName] ... /sub - recurse into subdirectories
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public class Client { private QueueConnection private QueueSession private QueueSender private Queue private QueueConnectionFactory private String
>jar -cfm quote.jar QuoteMIDletSuite.jad -C ./output ObtainQuoteMIDlet.class -C ./output RetrieveQuoteMIDlet.class C ./output EntryForm.class
} } public MyTermQuery(Term t) { super(t); term = t; Save the term } @Override protected Weight createWeight(Searcher searcher) throws IOException { return new MyWeight(searcher); Return an instance }
Check HTTP status code if (statusCode >= 200 && statusCode < 300) { alert(executor.get_responseData()); } else { var message = String.format('HTTP Error: {0}, Status Text: {1}', executor.get_statusCode(), executor.get_statusText()); alert(message); }
On the other side of the full-text search spectrum are fully dedicated products whose focus is mainly on searching heterogeneous content on a website, intranet, or the information system in general. As shown in figure 1.10, they serve as the central indexing and searching service. Thanks to their focus, they tend to have very good performances both at indexing time and for processing queries. The best-known example today is the Google Search Appliance, but the giant is not the only one on this market. Such a tool is deployed on a dedicated server (included or not) and crawls your website, your intranet, and the content of your documents (stored in a content management system or elsewhere) in the background, pretty much like Yahoo! and do for the web. Those tools are very interesting for the out-of-the-box experience they provide. Beyond the core indexing and searching capabilities that belong to full-text search, these products usually provide some or all of those functionalities:
Data entry using forms Given an understanding of forms and their associated items, we are ready to build the investment price request display (see figure 3.2 in section 3.2.2). In this display, the customer is requested to enter an investment symbol and investment type in order for the system to obtain investment price information. To begin, we create a new class called EntryForm that extends the current Form class. We did not have to create a new subclass of Form in order to create a Form object. However, this will help us in two ways. First of all, the new EntryForm class can be used by both our ObtainQuote and RetrieveQuote MIDlets to get the symbol of concern from the customer. Secondly, this class will also help keep our MIDlet code tidy. Our new form subclass extends Form so we must import the javax.microedition.lcdui package. The Form class also provides two constructor methods. At least one of the constructor methods must be overridden in the new class. This is all we need to start our new EntryForm class.
Media: images and sounds
Derive from System.Web.UI.WebControl, create a composite control, or create a databound control. Start with an Ajax-enabled control. Create a web user control. Implement the IScriptControl interface.
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