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Implementation Data Matrix ECC200 in Objective-C 13: Support Tools for the Busy Developer

CREATE FUNCTION binlist_to_table_m2(@str varbinary(MAX)) RETURNS @t TABLE (n int NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY WITH (IGNORE_DUP_KEY = ON)) AS
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Writing Initialization Methods
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V VB.NET adding elements to a list box 250 251 ApartmentState 270 assigning a variable in thread-safe way 124 asynchronous processing 280 asynchronous sorting 288 avoiding deadlocks using Invoke 258 bidding examples 166, 168 169 circular reference 30 cooperative greeter 13 creating reading thread 113 creating two writing threads 113 delete-related methods and delegates 249 detecting threads sharing processor 17 ending a thread 55 list box, adding elements to 250 251 logger initialization code 294 ManualResetEvent 154 named slot example 200 populating queue 112 progress bar 262 read lock, acquiring and releasing 163 RegisterWaitForSingleObject example 185, 186 releasing locks, importance of 131 single-threaded application 3 Sleep examples 75 Sorter delegates and events 279 synchronous processing 282 ThreadAbort Exception 57 ThreadInterruptedException 226 ThreatStatic example 196 ThreadStart delegate 207 updating a display with WaitOne and Set 146 UnsafeQueueUserWorkItem 190 using CompareExchange 124 using WebClient 70 utilizing BeginInvoke method 45 WaitAll 150 WorkUnit 278 WriterSeqNum 177 volatile 137
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URL Factory
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Legacy Table and Tree Models
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The FontStyle property gives you the ability to switch the text of a TextBlock into italic mode. As you ve probably guessed, this property is set to a value of Normal by default. You can easily change this to Italic to give your text an italic effect:
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Figure 12.6 Web browser showing the result of running the Get-Digg script. This script creates an HTML page with links to the current top stories on Digg.com and then displays this page in the browser.
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Identifiers) is in the java.io.File class. It supports constructing a File object from a URI and the File.toURI() and File.toURL() methods for obtaining the URL of a File. Table 11-3 lists the basic methods for converting between paths and file URLs in Cocoa. Table 11-3. File Related NSURL Methods
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This is cool in a couple of ways. For one thing, it frees you from the burden of creating a method for your notification-handling code, letting you instead put it inline with the code that s setting it up, which can make your code easier to read. The other cool thing, which is true of all blocks, is that because the block you create picks up its context from the location it s defined in, it has access to not only instance variables, but also local variables defined earlier in the same method. That means that you can defer access to some values until a later time, without needing to explicitly put them into instance variables or pass them along in some other manual way.
Once you ve tested the report successfully, you can promote it to a managed report by deploying it to the Report Server. Building reports As a part of the testing process, you need to check if the report can be generated successfully by building the report. Using the Report Designer, you can do this in two ways: Explicitly To build the whole project, use the Build menu or right-click on the project node in the Solution Explorer and choose Build. To build specific reports, you can select multiple reports by holding the Ctrl key and then build them by right-clicking on the report and selecting Build. Implicitly Switching to any of the preview modes or deploying the report causes the Report Designer to build the report automatically. Building a report doesn t result in a binary, as you would expect when working with .NET development projects. Instead, the build process simply verifies that the report is structured properly and that all field references and expressions are resolvable. If the Report Designer determines that a validation rule is broken, it reports an exception in the Task List. For example, if you misspell a field name, the Report Designer will complain with the following exception:
Whenever you query XML data on SQL Server, it is automatically converted to relational format behind the scenes. In this way, SQL Server can leverage the power of the relational query engine to fulfill XQuery queries. But on-the-fly shredding is an expensive process that can slow down overall processing. One answer to this problem is to use XML indexes. You can create a primary XML index on an xml data type column on a table to pre-shred your XML data. By pre-shredding the XML data, you avoid the overhead involved with on-the-fly shredding. You can also create secondary XML indexes on your xml data type columns. These secondary XML indexes are relational indexes created on top of the primary XML index. You can choose from three types of secondary XML indexes, each designed to optimize access for different types of XQuery expressions. The creation and administration of XML indexes is beyond the scope of this chapter, but bear in mind that they re available to help increase XQuery performance efficiency. The downside to XML indexes is that they can substantially increase the storage requirements for xml data type columns.
change now reflected next to Auto- Lock.
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Tap Music & Podcasts to restrict access to lyrics to non-explicit content. Make sure Explicit is set to OFF as shown. Tap the Restrictions button in the upper left corner to return to the list of options. You can also set the ratings cutoff for Movies, TV Shows, and Apps by tapping each item. When you tap an item such as Movies, you see a list of allowed ratings. Tap the highest rating level you want to allow. In this image, we tapped PG-13. All movies rated above this (R and NC-17) are not allowed. The red text and lack of checkmark offer visual clues as to which selections are blocked.
Importing by Manually Dragging and Dropping
used during site design because new objects are constantly being created, which causes the cache to flush. Also, because the number of concurrent users designing site elements is usually lower than at runtime, there is little to be gained. Fragment caching can also conflict with authenticated access.
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