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Minimized setting, Chrome State 124 Misc section 115 Miscellaneous section 113, 115 mobile adapter 8, 297, 299, 304, 306 307 mobile controls 305 mobile devices 291 mobile interface 291, 293 mobile network 291 mobile support 294 mobile views 10, 292 mobile Web Part adapters 296 mobile Web Part Page 293 mock objects 327 328 modal dialog window 251 Model-View-Controller pattern 313 Model-View-Presenter pattern 309 310, 313 Model-View-ViewModel 310 models 313, 316 Module element 64, 117, 155, 284, 287, 360 361 Module template 59 modules 155 Moles tool 329 monitored metrics 212 monitored scopes 210, 212, 214 215, 235, 238 ms-ButtonHeightWidth class 98 ms-ButtonHeightWidth2 class 98 ms-input class 98 ms-NarrowButtonHeightWidth class 98 ms-WPBody class 98 MSDN (SharePoint Developer Center) 95 multiple connections 337 MVC (Model-ViewController) 313 MVP (Model-ViewPresenter) 310 MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) pattern 310 My Calendar Web Part 37, 388 My Contacts Web Part 37, 388 My Inbox Web Part 37, 389 My Mail Folder Web Part 37, 389 My Tasks Web Part 37, 389
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Tap Set Date & Time to adjust your date and time.
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CHAPTER 3: Sync Your iPhone with iTunes
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- (unsigned int) length;
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[TestFixture] public class StandardStringParserTests { private StandardStringParser GetParser(string input) { return new StandardStringParser(input); }
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Figure 15.2 In 2D, the coordinates all start in the upper-left corner and go from there. In 3D, the coordinates start at a central point and radiate outward, with right and up being positive, and down and left being negative. On the Z-axis, positive is toward the viewer, and negative is away. This order for the Z-axis follows what s called the righthand rule, once again demonstrating the bias against lefthanded people.
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A major purpose behind consistency in design is to not surprise your user. If you have a thing that looks like a button, then it should always behave like a button. By the same token, everything in your user interface that behaves like a button should look like one. If you have image buttons, it makes sense to have them conform to a common design with a common approach to imagery since that removes the need for the user to stop and think what this control is for. Consistency applies not just within your program, but across your user s environment. Let s take a simple example. Mac users will be comfortable with the fact that there are certain keyboard shortcuts that work across the Mac. For example, you can always copy and paste content using C and V. Your users are going to expect the same from your software, and so you would need a really good reason to map different keystrokes to copy and paste or to use C and V for other purposes. To take a slightly more complex example, where should the menu go If you are a pure Mac user this is simple where else would a menu go but at the top of the screen but for developers who have come from the Windows world it is far from easy. In a typical Windows program, the menu is placed at the top of each window. This is more than simply a visual design decision: the metaphor in use in a Windows application is that the window is the application container. Typically when you close a window you close the application too. Hence it makes sense to have the menu at the top of the window where you are working. Mac OS X takes a completely different metaphorical approach: an application runs on your Mac whether or not there is a window visible (this cuts both ways, of course the idea that an application like Microsoft Word is still running even though you have closed all documents drives some newcomers to the Mac batty!). A window is a container through which your application communicates with the user. As a result, Mac programs universally have the menu bar at the top of the display and not in the window. The menu bar on display at any time is the one for the current application.
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Sometimes, for security reasons, people don t make their networks discoverable and you have to manually enter the name and security options to connect. As you can see in Figure 4 2, your list of available networks includes Other . Touch the Other tab, and you can manually enter in the name of a network you would like to join.
Test hierarchies and organization
IChannelFactory<IDuplexSessionChannel> channelFactory = (IChannelFactory<IDuplexSessionChannel>)result.AsyncState; channelFactory.EndOpen(result); IDuplexSessionChannel channel = channelFactory.CreateChannel(new EndpointAddress("http://localhost:51236/ScoreService.svc")); IAsyncResult channelOpenResult = channel.BeginOpen(new AsyncCallback(OnOpenChannelComplete), channel); if (channelOpenResult.CompletedSynchronously) { StartPolling(channelOpenResult); } } void StartPolling(IAsyncResult result) { IDuplexSessionChannel channel = (IDuplexSessionChannel)result.AsyncState; channel.EndOpen(result); Message message = Message.CreateMessage(channel.GetProperty<MessageVersion>(), "Silverlight/IScoreService/Register","Baseball"); IAsyncResult resultChannel = channel.BeginSend(message, new AsyncCallback(OnSendComplete), channel); if (resultChannel.CompletedSynchronously) { CompleteOnSend(resultChannel); } PollingLoop(channel); }
7, More about Xcode, shows you some shortcuts and power-user features to help you get the most out of your programming day. We take a brief respite from Objective-C in 8, A Quick Tour of the Foundation Kit, to impress you with some of Cocoa s cool features using one of its two primary frameworks. You ll spend a lot of time in your Cocoa applications dealing in 9, Memory Management (sorry about that). 10, Object Initialization, is all about what happens when objects are born. 11, Properties, gives you the lowdown on Objective-C s new dot notation and an easier way to make object accessors. 12, Categories, describes the supercool Objective-C feature that lets you add your own methods to existing classes even those you didn t write. 13, Protocols, tells about a form of inheritance in Objective-C that allows classes to implement packaged sets of features. 14, Introduction to the Application Kit, gives you a taste of the gorgeous applications you can develop in Cocoa using its other primary framework. 15, File Loading and Saving, shows you how to save and retrieve your data. 16, Key-Value Coding, gives you ways to deal with your data indirectly. And finally, in 17, NSPredicate, we show you how to slice and dice your data.
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