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Integrating DataMatrix in Objective-C Property List Editor

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Backing up the encryption key We would strongly advise all report server administrators to use the rskeymgmt utility to extract and back up the public encryption key as one of your first post-installation tasks. The Report Server uses this key to encrypt data in the Report Server Database or catalog. What is the encryption key good for Chances are that you may need to change the account under which the RS Windows Service (ReportingServicesService.exe) runs, or you may want to set up a new RS installation to use an existing report catalog. If the encryption key is different, the Report Server will not initialize. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that you store the encryption key in a safe place. Please consult the RS product documentation about how to use the rskeymgmt utility to back up the encryption key.
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Indentation (Pretty Printing)
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Ideally, the resource object should now be reclaimed, but the single reference from the pool to the object keeps the resource object from being collected. This is solved using a weak reference. A weak reference is a pointer to an object that the garbage collector does not traverse when building the set of reachable objects. From the garbage collector s perspective, it is not a reference and does not prevent the object from being collected. In Java, weak references are established via java.lang.ref.WeakReference objects. To create a weak reference, a WeakReference object is created to hold the reference to the weakly referenced object, as shown in Listing 9-2. In Objective-C, appending the __weak modifier to any object pointer creates a weak reference.
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Company: Florian is working self-employed as a software developer. Peter is co-owner of Honeder Lacher Wallner Softwareentwicklung OEG , a software development company. Location: Vienna, Austria
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MOM Information Utility
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COM objects, like all other object types in the system, can be examined through Get-Member. Let s look at the members on the object we ve instantiated:
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2. 3. 4.
error stream. 22 will discuss errors in a bit more detail, and will provide more information on how $ErrorActionPreference can be used. There s also a Write-Progress cmdlet that can display progress bars, but it works entirely differently. Feel free to read its help for more information and for examples, but we won t be covering it in this chapter. To use any of these cmdlets, first make sure that its associated configuration variable is set to Continue. If it s set to SilentlyContinue, which is the default for a couple of them, you won t see any output at all. Then, use the cmdlet to output a message. Note that some PowerShell hosting applications may display the output from these cmdlets in a different location. In PrimalScript, for example, debugging text is written to a different output pane than the script s main output, so that the debug text can be more easily separated for analysis. You ll see more about Write-Debug in chapter 23.
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